The Baseballs at Bierhübeli Bern

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy! There Digger jumps off stage and takes two arm’s length away at the right side of me a selfie with a fan from front row. Automatic reaction: Taking the iphone out hoping he’ll take one selfie with fans and being the lucky one. But there he was back on stage again. Just to look back into the audience, obviously discovering the iphone in my hand and the next moment he was standing next to me, taking my phone and starting taking pictures of us. Yes, at once I was a lot warmer than already been.

If I try to remember now, which song was on then – I have no clue. Absolutely blanc in my head. Haha. It was an incredible concert. The ancipation was big. I hadn’t seen the Baseballs in ages and they had 77 Bombay Street as Support with them. The most know probably that 77 Bombay Street belong to my top favourites. To see the 4 Grisons brothers again then – top!! Doors opend at 7 pm. As I had to go to the box office and there weren’t many people queuing (“AUSVERKAUFT it said at the door), I was quickly in front of the barrier. Why there wa a barrier in Bern is a riddle to me. In Zurich there wasn’t any. As soon as I was standing in front row and I tried to the spot next to me, the first people came running – and with them there was Basti from the Baseballs: “Now I am in front row too”, he smiled over the whole face. What? Where did he come from? And as quick he was there, as quick he was gone again. And I called a friend to come over, who came running, so she could get into front row too. Within 5 mins the big run was already over. The first 2-3 rows got their spots. The rest of the Bierhübeli filled slowely but constantly.
At 8 pm the concert finally started with 77 Bombay Street. About half an hour they played their songs “Follow the rain”, “Planet Earth”, “Oko Town”, “I Love Lady Gaga” and “Up in the Sky” unplugged. I was actually surprised that the 4 Grisons also performed as a support here in Switzerland, as they are well known and popular here. Not, that they’d steal the Baseball’s show. Maybe because of this also only an unplugged set, or what do I know. But the better of course! They could have played even longer, if you ask me.
Then shortly after 9pm the stage belonged to the Baseballs. “Gameday Tour” – two totally hot and crazy, very funny hours followed. I haven’t been this sweaty after a concert in ages like at this. Real fitness programme. But just after the beginning of the show, they actually explained that taking party at the concert actually obliged to sweat – during “King Kong” there was e.g. the king kong dance. Actually looked a bit silly like everyone copied the moves and scampring around. 😉 The show started with “Let it go”. Basti, Sam and Digger were standing behind a wall, which rolled up opening. I was a bit worried as I didn’t know the new songs very well yet. For no reason. They got great new songs and they sound live super again. The most I like for sure. The show was super variable: once rocking with great beats and guitare, bass guitar, piano and drum solos. I also thought then, as alredy some days ago at the Angelo Kelly concert, some actually could learn something form these solos ;-). And then it became a bit more quite with mini gospel choir only accompained by piano or other nice ballades. Anyone ever thought David Hasselhof’s “Looking for freedom” would sound this good? ;). They even rolled a photo machine on stage, for which they took a woman on stage. Digger went into the machine with her voluntarely taking the old-fashioned “selfie shooting” – he was looking best of them all after all. And so Mr Brans was so much getting into the selfie fever, so he jumped off stage… and what followed I mentioned before :). Towards the end it became again very wild with “Born this way” and together with 77 Bombay Street. But it still wasn’t finished. One encore after the other followed. And when the Baseballs said finally goodbye for good “with Lucky Guy”, not only them were out of breath.


1. Let It Go
2. Goodbye Peggy-Sue
3. Hello
4. Never Ever
5. My Baby Left Me For A DJ
6. King Kong
7. Follow Me
8. Royals
9. Crazy In Love
10. Angels
11. Hot’n’Cold
12. Bitch
13. Beep Bop (Band instrum.)
14. Looking For Freedom
15. What You Want
16. Bad
17. Mo Hotta Mo Betta
18. Drumsolo
19. The Look
20. Born This Way
21. I’m Yours
22. Outro
23. Hard Not To Cry
24. Umbrella
25. Lucky Guy

The three rock’n’roller had a signing after the show, but I unfortunately couldn’t stay any longer. My last train waited already – or well, not. But maybe the next time. After all they coming to Bern again this summer with Sunrise Avenue on the place in front of Postfinance Arena () and to Niedergösgen (Feelgood Festival).
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