1st day Gurtenfestival 2013

77 Bombay Street @ Gurtenfestival
77 Bombay Street @ Gurtenfestival

Act: 77 Bombay Street, Luca Little
Date: 18.07.2013
Event: 30. Gurtenfestival
Place: Gurten, Wabern (Bern)
Time: 17.30 Uhr
Doors: 14 Uhr

Barley arrived on the “Güsche”, it already rained cats and dogs. This brought back memories from the year before. Back then, we were there on Sunday, the day started the same. There we’ve been standing in the middle of the rain though and let it come over us. The forcast reported only thunder and not as the year before constant rain. There was hope. The three of us were standing with two guys under the parasol at the ice cream stall, hopeing to get away more or less dry. Inbetween quickly getting something to eat and testing the not working cashless-system with it – ah well, how people can get het up over something so phoney. You just can’t rely 100% on technology – we had some cash with us just in case. And an hour later, there were only single drops and 77 Bombay Street could open the main stage almost dry.

Luca Little @ Gurtenfestival
Luca Little @ Gurtenfestival

It was very early – 5.30 pm – when the four brothers started. I think it’s a bit ungreatful to be first on the mainstage on a Thursday afternoon. For the four it is sure great, cos the last time they were “only” on the forest stage. So much changed. For the start of the show they though had a quite big audience gathered around, but the atmosphere was not the way, it could have been. The show started as usual with the intro followed by “It’s now”. They played the same Setlist as in Aarberg and at Summerstage, rocked the stage and everyone laughed a lot – esp. when Matt sang with the audience again. “Low on Air”, “Long way”, “Follow the rain”, “Angel”, “Rainbow”, “In the war” or as well “I love Lady Gaga” were part of the setlist, and of course Esra’s drum solo as well as “Clown” couldn’t be missed. Definitively one of my favourite songs. In general the show seemed to be liked, as usually, people went along. But the atmosphere has been better before elsewhere.
As soon as the show was over, we hurried in paris over to the ‘forest stage’. Where was it again? On the first day there you had to find things again. And last time was a year ago already. Luca Little performed. For the first time I’ve seen him with the complete band. I of course was curious and very much looking forward – nervous and excited. And oh well, I didn’t expect anything else but that it will turn out great. Fantastic Setlist from his albums “Locomotion” and “Big” – “94 magical moments”, “Of Lambs and Lions”, “What I need You for” and “Given”, just to mention a few. There were also some covers – like “Kickstart my heart” by Moëtly Crue, “Time of your life” by Green Day – of course in Luca Little versions. They also showed how they are not only great in performing ballades but rockt the stage as well. There Luca dedicated a song to Dabu from Dabu Fantastic, who’s been in the audience as well. It was just incredibly great and the atmosphere so nice. And to top the whole, Luca pitched his new song “Artifacts of Love”, which we’ve only heard the weekend before for the very first time. He said back then, he hadn’t planned to play it. But he would see. The delight was huge!

After I had exchanged a few words with some acquaintances, we were off to the gurten train (walking down? Umm, better not!) and off to the station. The next day unfortunately we had to work. The guy at Starbucks couldn’t understad this at all – but that’s life. And Gurtenfestival didn’t end there for us yet.

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