Adamo at Stadtkeller Luzern

It’s been two years since Adamo, former accordion player at Trauffer or even ChueLee, released his first album “Uf’s Ganze”. After getting a first impression of the Lucerne musician’s live shows last fall on the Bundesplatz, I was able to attend a complete concert in Lucerne’s Stadtkeller this Thursday evening. With his band Adamo rocked the stage for about 2 hours and enchanted the audience.

The Stadtkeller in Lucerne is indeed a nice place with nice staff and incredibly delicious-looking desserts, but with the whole table arrangement and seating not exactly my favorite concert location. However, if the right musicians and bands are on stage, they soon make up for it. So did Adamo and his 3 members band. Supported by the brothers Herb and Winnie Bucher on guitar and bass as well as Pädu Ziswiler on drums, Adamo provided a varied concert evening.

Down to earth and with a lot of humour

With the catchy, country-inspired “Chom met” they started their concert at 8.30 pm and continued with “Ig flüge los” and “Sexy”. On New Year’s Eve, a Polish woman approached him, who felt that they should not only sing “Sexy” but also be sexy. So the three front musicians turned their backs against the audience to swing their butts as sexy as possible.

Adamo led down-to-earth and with a lot of humor through the two sets program. Just like I already knew him back then at Trauffer as accordion player. Yes, it really is not the same anymore since he left Trauffer. So it’s great that he is still playing the Swiss stages with his own band. 🙂

Adamo’s dialect songs can be found in the folk rock area sometimes with more country influences, then again more rock. Yes, some songs are even close to Schlager. Just a mishmash that you can’t properly classify as you can’t with Trauffer’s. The songs are about life and what moves him. They are light and carefree, but also profound and melancholic, but always very positive. Like “Es chont guet”, where he was sure that if despite illness or financial problems not everything will turn good again, we would not have been there that evening. Do not give up is the motto.

They played catchy rock songs as well as beautiful ballads. With “Monika” also drummer Pädu has contributed a song. In the back of the location, a Monika answered with reluctance, when Adamo asked for. Under “Börnaut” is not to understand the illness, but it is a ‘moped boys’ term from earlier. I definitely didn’t have any moped and also rather thought of the illness. What you do not always learn in such concerts 😉

Rocky second set with original own compositions and great covers

With the George cover “Hie bini dahei” they went into a short break. The second set rocked even more than the first, the audience meanwhile also had thawed and was in a good mood. With “Sommer”, which turned into  “Fasnacht”, Adamo celebrated the carnival time, which is also especially popular in Lucerne. The catchy title “Luti Musig” was immediately one of my favorites. With this perfect festival-summer-anthem the anticipation for the coming summer rose again immediately! 😀

Next to some other new songs like “Schutzängu” and “Puri Liebi”, some more covers followed. Accompanied only by the acoustic guitar Adamo sang with Schlager singer René Bisang Trauffer’s beautiful ballad “Letschtä Atemzug” in a duet, which they had already rehearsed for another event. Rene’s deep, rough voice reminded me a bit of Gölä. A great version of the song. (Video here)

Besides, Adamo played only  accompanied by the accordion Polo Hofer and Schmätterband’s “Alperose”. Like many other Swiss musicians, Polo Hofer and Haney Amman also have influenced him. A small tribute to the two musicians who died last year. But he also just likes to play the song.

Waiting for the new album

“Naturtalänt” from the current album “Uf’s Ganze” ended the concert. Even though he already got some new songs and was playing them that evening, it is not really clear when the second album will follow. Such a new title also was “Fire”, which completed the evening next to “Heimatliebi” in the encore.

It was just enough time to listen to the last note before I had to catch my  last train. Wow, I did not expect it to be so tight and that Adamo would be playing such a full-length program with his band. With “only” one album so far. But many new songs are already in the starting blocks, we just still have to wait a bit for them 😉 Listen to Adamo and go see him.

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