Andermatt Live 2015

Aprés-Ski with Who's Panda, Rival Kings, Death By Chocolate and Rival Sons

Andermatt in March. The small church on the way to the Hotel got meters of snow in the yard. I believe, I’ve never seen that much snow – or at least not in a Long time. And it’s March! I believed Andermatt would be bigger. But even though the locals obviously think differently, the village centere is from experience pretty small and I got some Information from the village Homepage: Andermatt got a Little more than 1500 inhabitans. The village lies on about 1’440 m above sea Level and belongs to canton Uri. You sure know the flag with the bull. I had to draw it once in 5th or 6th grade 😉 Andermatt is a popular skiing Resort and just in this place this year took the “Andermatt Live” place for the first time.

Andermatt Live is a new 2 days Music Festival, which took place in 4 different Locations. There were 16 concerts taking place of national and international artists. Andermatt welcomed about 1300 People for it. Even when originally I had planned both days, in the end I went there only on one evening. The night before I’ve been to Museumsnacht in Bern. I planned to see the concerts of Rival Kings, Dabu Fantastic, Death By Chocolate and as being there anyway I also could watch Who’s Panda and Rival Sons. Okay, unfotunately the Dabu Fantastic one didn’t work out. Some concerts overlapped about 15mins and I so didn’t feel like stressing on this evening. Everything is so quite. One’s taking everything slowely. My Hotel was just in front of the Auditorium and it was also only a stone’s throw to the “Schlüssel”, a small Club in the village.

Who’s Panda and Rival Kings played on the Club stage at “Schlüssel”. I liked the Club with the bar, seating Corners and tables. There were many families with children, corresponding to this was the atmosphere. Just a nice après-ski. Though the Club was rocked by the bands pretty much. Who’s Panda sure got something somehow… don’t think they are too bad. But I simply like Rival Kings a lot better. With their Pop influenced rock Sound is more melodic and I sure often mentioned how much I like their lyrics. Not that they rock less. Esp. Dom quite much dissambles his drums like on this evening 😉 With 45 minutes the concert was though way too short. And as soon as the last tune was played, the Club was already empty. Most probably went on to the next concert.

I went on to the auditorium where Death By Chocolate and Rival Kings played. Both rockbands do it up big. I was again surprised how much more the Biel band rocks live than on the Album… or am I the only one with this Impression? Not, that this would be bad. However, I liked Death By Chocolate really a lot more than Rival Sons. Rival Sons are an US american band from California. Their whole appearance is rather Special – very spacy, they seem pretty much detached. Is more Hardrock. You were not allowed to take pictures during the concert. At least not from the front. They did really controll this strongly. Okay, I do like taking pictures at concerts and take some home as souvenir. But it’s also nice not to see phones and cameras in front of you all the time. If this was the reason for the photography ban, I don’t know. I was between “actually they are kinda fascinating” and ” actually I know really heard enough”. I finished watching the concert though. And then everyone obviously went of to the “Pinte”, a bar with night Club in the village. At least the Location was absolutely packed. 😉

Nächstes Jahr soll es eine 2. Ausgabe des “Andermatt Live” geben. Da werd ich sicher mal das Programm checken. Hat mir nämlich ganz gut gefallen. War wie Ferien, auch wenn’s nur für eine Nacht  🙂

Next year the 2nd Edition of “Andermatt Live” is going to take place. I sure will check the Programme then. Pretty much liked it. It was like holidays, but simply only for one night.

Rival Kings
Death By Chocolate

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