Andreas Bourani at das Zelt

Latest since the last “Sing meinen Song” season on VOX you sure know him?  Andreas Bourani. The German musician has been on tour as a support act of Philipp Poisel, Culcha Candela and Unheilig and he probably got attention from the first ones through his song “Nur in meinem Kopf”. His debutalbum “Staub und Fantasie” was released in 2011, his 2nd album “Hey” followed in 2014. Thanks to Postfinance I was able to visit his das Zelt concert and even meeting him at a “Meet & Greet”.

Because the concert was on a Thursday, first I wasn’t too sure, if I’d really go. You know, during the week it’s a bit difficult to travel by public transport from Zurich. I also haven’t realised in ages that it would be the easter weekend. Postfinance had this competition for tickets and this meet & greet running though. They wanted a creative answer for, why one should win. Yes, actually why? ‘Cos actually except of a few songs I barley knew Mr Bourani. Ok, somehow this is the reason? But I didn’t have a creative answer ready for ages. Had tried with others as well and never was lucky. I forgot about it. Until I got back on the website some time to look for new competition and the Bourani competition was just ending on this day. So I started “rhyming” – in the way like back then during the Kelly Family fan times. Fans did rhyme with song titles. And out of the songtitles of Andreas Bourani something could be made. It’s not perfect. But boom! Few days later I got the winning confirmation. The joy was big! 😀

My company did cancel at short notice, but luckily I found someone else to join. I have been already several times at “das Zelt”, but the one in Zurich his huge. There was even another show at the same time. We were four, two winners plus their company, being taken into the backstage area. All the musician were sitting aorund there, waiting for showstart. We were taken a bit further into the back. It was horrible and wet weather on this day, and it was quite drafty in the tent. But we didn’t have to wait long for Andreas.

You never really know how such a meet & greet would turn out. Some have loads of time and others take pictures, write autographs and are quickly gone again. So, litterally meet & greet. But it was a super nice meeting with Andreas. He’s such a nice and sincere guy. You’d love to hug him and never let go ^^. And he took a lot of time for us and told us loads. Like he used to come to Switzerland with his parants already as a small kid and he still likes coming back. He told us about the upcoming “Sing meinen Song” show (is over by now) and took a lot of time for autographs and photos. He seemed really to be interested in each one of us. And he liked my signing book, even knew quite a few in it. Signing books are sure a rarity nowadays.

After the meet & greet the concert with the support act started soon. Support was Nickless, who I was totally looking forward to. I’ve seen them before few times. Nic and Frankie played together and did immediately go down well with the audience. Esp. Nic with his lively, hyper way and all the charme is said to become the next Bastian Baker. He’s hitting on the audience as quick as Bastian does – but Nic did so already as support of 77 Bombay Street or Bastian Baker. Esp. reactions like the one from the woman next to me, who realised that she has heard “Waiting” at the radio just the same morning, was priceless. I got asked more than once who this support act is or was. Just great!

And finally Andreas Bourani and his band of five entered stage. An incredible beautiful concert! It started with the intro and they played my favourite song “Wieder am Leben” [Video hier] first. The whole concert started rather quite and kept growing til the end. After all the beautiful ballades various uptempo songs as “Nur in meinem Kopf” [Video hier]  or “Auf uns” followed. His voice, the lyrics and melodies totally touch, keep causing goosebumps. During songs as “Ultraleicht” or “Auf anderen Wegen” [Video hier] it’s like floating in totally different spheres. And as sincere, nice and down to earth as we got to know him at the meet & greet, we saw him also on stage. And he always had a smile on his lips.

During “Auf uns” he jumped down into the audience and walked through the whole  tent, from one to the other side, to be close to the audience and his fans. The atmosphere raised almost euphorically to the peak and was during the whole concert unique and wonderful. Until the encore followed at last. I was a bit shocked, when I realized that the concert took only just about one hour til then. I could have kept listening forever.

I got the setlist of Andreas Bourani at the mixing table then and the advantage of this rather short concert was, that I could catch my train without any problems. I even had time to meet Nickless and get pictures and autographs. I definitively can recommend you both, Nickless as well as Andreas Bourani. Both their concerts are lots of fun.

Andreas Bourani is going to play at “Stars in town” in Schaffhausen. Unfortunately I can’t go and the concert is sold out already anyway. Let’s hope he’ll be back soon. Best ist to keep checking both webseits.

Thanks so much to the bands and Postfinance for this great evening!

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