Angelo Kelly at Häbse Theatre Basel

Okay, honestly. First I didn’t plan to go to the concert of Angelo Kelly and his family. I liked angelo solo with band always a bit better than together with his wife and four kids. Not, that the concert aren’t good. They are nice and cute, and Angelo tells his stories and experiences in a great with with lots of humour. But well, his solo concert at thevery beginning I somehow prefered. But then I went to see Paddy Kelly and realized through it and some other happenings, that Kelly Family is simply a part of my life and if possible, I need to take the chance for visiting their concerts.


We arrived shortly after 6 pm at Häbse theatre in Basel. The queue of fans was already quite long. But most of them arrived only around 5 pm, so less extrem than with Paddy. The Häbse theatre has a capacity of about 320 people at the small bistrot talbes. The hall is tired and so you have a good view from anywhere. Even though admission was 20mins delayed, the show started in time at 7 pm.

Angelo’s friend and tour companion Sven explained again quickly the (strict) photography and film ban and annouced the family then. With “Sooner or later”, a song from the new album “Welcome Home”, Angelo started on his own. After 3-4 songs he went to get his wife and kids on stage – Gabriel (12), Helen (11) and Emma (7) came immediately and took their instruments, three years old Joseph though didn’t show up. “Josphe doesn’t like the Swiss”, Angelo did joke. “That’s starting well.” After the first song together Gabriel disappeared behind the stage to get his little brother. But he just didn’t want on that evening and ran into the arms of his mother. And yeah, so they played the concert without Joseph’s active participation. If he doesn’t want to, then he doesn’t want to.

The concert took about 2 hours incl. a 15-20 min break. The family presented new, older and traditional songs as well as covers – “All my trials”, “Mary”, “Three Musketeers”, “I will be your bride” etc. Impressive how Gabriel plays three instruments being not even 13 years old yet and even little Emma sat behind the drums. The girls showed their Irish dancing skills too. Gabriel and Helen presented during the concert their self written and composed song “It wouldn’t be the same”. Since they were little they’ve been good friends, Angelo told. There Daddy played a extensive drum solo, as we Kelly fans know it from the early days, and then he sang with his wife in a duo. Even Kira wrote own songs for the new album, which she played on her own or together with her husband. Inbetween Angelo told stories, experiences and jokes. Stories about how he went to Media Markt after a big overcoming to get the requested “One Direction” CD for his daughter as an easter present. And how he almost died in a Belgian swamp during jogging. And he laught that  people weren’t allowed to film because of the jokes about his siblings or esp. about his brother Joey.

Shortly before the show ended unfortunately someone didn’t follow the photo ban and there was suddendly lightning, what did cloud the vibes a bit. Angelo patiently explained, why he didn’t want this. But on Facebook he wrote it was one of the best concerts so far on the actual tour. So the little incident didn’t seem too bad.

Angelo Kelly @ Häbse-Theater Basel

Nach dem Konzert kam Angelo zum Autogramme schreiben. Wir dachten eigentlich, er würde am Merchstand Autogramme schreiben, kam aber dann zur Garderobe. Somit standen wir statt am Ende der Schlange dann plötzlich am Anfang. Er schüttelte zur Begrüssung Hände, unterschrieb alles gewünschte, führte kurzen Smalltalk mit den Besuchern und machte mit allen so viele Fotos, wie die Leute wollten. Er fragte immer gleich selber, ob man noch Fotos wollte. Wir hatten auf jeden Fall einen super Abend und wär doch sehr schade gewesen, wenn ich das verpasst hätte.

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