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Yes, if you are making Music for as long as Angelo Kelly does, then it’s probably not too easy to find something new for the fans or for yourself. For once he left his wife and children at home and played on this tour not his own Songs or the ones by the Kelly Family, but from other musicians, say covers. And because he liked it so much, he added another round to the “Mixtape Tour Vol 1”. So Angelo and Mathhias Krauss did another stop in Switzerland on this Sunday evening, in Basel. I had missed the concert on the first tour in November, as I went to the Dabu Fantastic album release on that evening. That’s why I of course was looking forward even more that he went again on tour with it.

It was shortly before 7 pm and we got big eyes when we didn’t see any queue at all. Umm, did they open the doors already? But the concert only started at 8 pm? A friend waited in front of the building and so we finally saw, that everyone was already standing in the entrance area. Ok, everything fine. We got a table in the 2nd row, at eye Level with Angelo. The theater wasn’t very full. Maybe half… was it, ’cause it was Sunday? Not enough advertisement? Or because he didn’t play his own Songs but covers? No idea. Even wished him a bigger audience, we were there 😉 From a young, obviously nervous waiter, we got our Drinks. We visited the Merchandise stand and then it soon started. Mobile phones and cameras we of course had already put away, before Sven told to take pictures and recording was forbidden. We already knew by now.

"Mixtape Tour Vol. 2" Tour-Setlist click to enlarge
“Mixtape Tour Vol. 2” Tour-Setlist click to enlarge

Already from the beginning Angelo mentioned that he has been sick the whole week and singing was a bit difficult, but he’d do his best. And at least in the first part you would barley notice. In pairs with Matthias, a longtime friend, who was there already during Kelly Family times, he played now his favourite songs and such ones, he’d interpet differently. There were countless known songs as Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of 69” just at the beginning, Withney Houtson’s “I Will Always Love You” or Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”. But on his mixtape you can find not only the old classics but also new, actual songs by different musician and performers. These were “Something in the water” by Brooke Fraser, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” or even last years summer hit “Happy” by Pharell Williams in a small Medley with “Let’s Twist Again”. He kept telling a few words to the songs and did his jokes inbetween. Just as we know him with the typical Kelly humor. A drum solo wasn’t missed either. He’s still a gread Drummer and his drum solos a lot of fun! It reminded me back to his Long solos during the Kelly times. They properly rocked and the fans went along. The drum solos by most other bands I’ve seen by now, are honestly barely worth to mention compared to these 😉

I liked most of the songs very well. Some songs, which I don’t like to listen in original versions didn’t exactly become my fave songs, but I liked them pretty well. And tracks like “Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen” (I was so happy about this, the original is by Philipp Poisel) and “You Are So Beautiful” caused total goosebumps. He played several songs I didn’t really expect. And yes, the way the Swiss are – rather reserved, esp. if you seat them. But it still was a nice atmosphere.

Inbetween there was a 20min break, what caused that I had to leave direction Train Station straight after the concert had finished and I couldn’t wait for the signing. But it was a great evening and in case he’d do a 3rd part of the Mixtape tour some time, I’d be in. Tele Basel showed a short Report about the concert by the way, which you can rewatch HERE.

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