Anshelle album release in Rubigen

The previous day it was way too loud, Christoph Fankhauser told when announcing Anshelle. But with the Bernese Band it will be quieter and very nice. He was right, but probably none had doubted this.

Whilst the cat, that has greeted me in front of the door during queuing, probably was still stealing through the night and the stronger becoming wind was rustling through the autumn leaves, we spent a cozy evening with delicious food and great music at Mühle Hunziken.

On the road with new album and new guitarist

In September Anshelle had started their tour in the far away canton St. Gallen with their new songs and new guitarist Rasmus Nissen. They went far away for the first concerts deliberately, singer Michèle was laughing after the concert, when I asked her after the shows. But, that many bands and musician like to test their new songs far away from home – obviously to a more neutral audience – I noticed and know by now 😉

Having released their new album the previous day – their 7th album and that’s why the title’s “VII” – they stopped at Mühle Hunziken on this evening to present to their audience the new songs in two sets. I was delighted I could take part with my camera.

With “Taking You Higher” they started their first set, followed by “Already Gone” as well many new songs as “Big Wide Open Heart”, “No Boring LIfe” (one of my favourites) or the actual single “Boomerang”. Once they made the audience dance, then to wallow. They all were attentive listeners, who seemed to enjoy the concert from the very first moment on.

Previously you could hear and read that for some the new album “VII” seemed to be too much pop, too mainstream and too similar sounding. A critic even wrote, the ballades wouldn’t suit them. Others simply are happy about the typical Anshelle pop-sound. Wonderful up-tempo songs, that are sometimes more pop, sometimes a little rockier. Next to them the new album also includes glorious, insightful ballades.

Since 15 years they are doing what they love

Setlist Anshelle
Setlist Anshelle | Spotify Setlist-Playlist

Anshelle do write and play pop songs because they love to play this kind of music – and this since 15 years! Front woman Michèle is singing about life and what it’s bringing. About people, who are touching her and environment, that are moving her – wonderfully catchy and full of emotions.

Right after the first song of the second set champagne and the album were ready to get ceremonially sprinkled and launched. Keyboard player Sandro did this and gave the album away to the crowd. So that it didn’t have to be bagged all dripping wet, they sent a towel with it 😉

After the short ceremony they especially continued with older songs. They were the catchy songs “Favourite Song” and “Stereophonic Girlfriends” as well as radiohits and earworms like “I Can See Your Beauty”, “Crossroads” and “Little Mountain”.

With “Friends Like You” even the technician got a glass of champagne. Drummer Martin gave his glass to him, when he had to quickly come to solve a technical problem. They would be able to afford a second bottle, singer Michèle was laughing. He hadn’t to give away his glass. But he obviously did it gladly 😉

Anshelle returned on stage for the encore with the lovely ballade “The One I Lost”  and ended the fantastic release concert with “Coming Home”. It was a wonderful and cozy concert – funny, catchy and touching.

It was great to see Anshelle live again after such a long time. As announced (HERE) I didn’t go home without an earworm 😉 Besides I feel encouraged by Anshelle, especially by front woman Michèle, for my musicblog since years. So it was even more meaningful to be there on this evening.

How did you like this concert?


Thanks Anshelle and for many more such evenings to come ! :)


Who’d love to see the band live as well, gets the next chances on 18.11.2017 in Olten or on 08.12.2017 in Luzern. All the future dates you can find on

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