Anshelle in Köniz

About one hour before the show started, many people already gathered in the courtyard of Köniz castle. Colorful light chains decorated the place with the small tables. With the wonderful sight and the tought of the soon beginning Anshelle concert, a comforting warmth spread around my heart. A little excited and especially full of anticipation I was as well.

I sat down in the still almost empty concert hall of “Rossstall” with my drink, enjoyed the quite in front of the in blue lighted up stage with the huge iris in the background. If I didn’t just eavesdrop the talks of the other concert visitors (yes, sometimes it’s pretty interesting 😉 ), then I let my mind wander, remembered back when I saw Anshelle singer Michelle in 2003 for the first time live as support of DJ Bobo and got myself into the mood with all my meories of the already seen concerts….

The Bernese Popband Anshelle celebrated on that evening already their 5th album release – “Blink Of An Eye” is their work called. But I was at a album release for the first time now. Whilste their previous album “All In” was very rocky, this one is more quite and includes a wonderful balance. This ballance do older songs and albums have too though, but this one especially. With “What About You And I” [Video here] they started not only with the first title of the new album, but also with one of my favourites. And then 21 one more songs followed in a mix out of their various albums. More calm with “Rewind Please” or “Good Days”, then rocky and funky with “Burn This Place” or “Two More Miles To Vegas”. The audience was so reserved at the beginning, but it’s always like that – it usually changes quickly. And it was exactly like that on this evening. As soon as the first few songs got played and older, more familiar titles as “I Can See Your Beauty” [Video here], „Already Gone“ or „Crossroad“ followed, the audience let themselves go more and let themselves electrify by the fast moving melodies, stirring rhythms and let them carry away of the wonderful voice of front woman Michelle.

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After about half of the concert there was a short break. I don’t acutally like breaks, but who thinks, it broke the good atmosphere, is wrong. During the second part the CD got celebrated and doused. And from the point the concert was interrupted, the atmosphere was growing and finally reached its peak by the end of the concert.

With the three encores a wonderful release evening ended. The new songs sound fantastic. I only can recommend to go and listen to Anshelle yourself – it’s totally worth it!

>> official website Anshelle

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