Argoviafäscht 2014

I believe since I’ve been at Argoviafest two years ago, not only the area has changed (where the backstage entrace used to be at the street is now a bicycle park), but the area got bigger. Or did that only seem like it? The stage was standing on the other side now too. But acutally it was better now. You could directly run to the stage 😉

Okay, not that it was really necessary. But we got a very good spot (front row of course, directly in the middle), that we would have given away unwillingly. When I arrived at the area around 1 pm, a few were already sitting at the VIP or main entrance. The first five ones were there because of Pegasus – equipped with Pegasus bags (you can get them at merch stand at Pegasus’ concerts by the way). Of course we had to take a picture of it…

Pegasus Bags @ Argoviafäscht

And finally we were standing all in front row next to eachother. So this started quite funny already. The ones who thought, they’d be faster through the VIP entrance, were unlucky then. Apparently they didn’t open it for ages.

Argoviafest is great! For only CHF 20 you get top acts! After admission had started at 2pm, and we had our spots, we let the time pass by drinking and eating candy. These 1,5 hours were pretty long haul. There was more than one candy stand, bars, food and drink stands on the area. And there was even a carousel. And what else they had. Until shortly before the start at 4pm there wasn’t a big audience. Only after the concert started, it became more crowded.

I was curious on the Rag Dolls. Never seen them live before, but I liked their songs, I knew from the radio, a lot. “Bought & Sold” was one of them, that they played on this day. First thing attracting attention was the plush Kermit at bass player Läli Spring’s micro stand. And as flashy as Kermit was, he’s been too. The hair as wildley as himself. Incredible how much energy he had during this half an hour show, the Olten indie-rockband played. I thought though, that the three of them almost disappeared a bit though on this big stage, but the performance was good. It would be worth to see a whole, proper concert by them.

Rag Dolls
Rag Dolls

The second act performing were Labrassbanda. In green leather trousers they did ther shoundcheck and I was sceptical from the beginning. Something between folk music, reggae, punk… they used to be support act of die Ärzte as well as die Toten Hosen. And no, they are definitively nothing for me. Maybe 1-2 tracks, but then I thought it was annoying eventually. The front guy kept interrupting, because people didn’t go along the way he wanted. And then they seriously made a “Circle of Death” and you name it. I liked the drummer though. But the rest 😛 Once is enough. I don’t have to see them again. Also thought, it didn’t really suit the rest of the programme. They should have played towarrds the end and not inbetween Rag Dolls and Stefanie Heinzmann. Don’t you think?

'Cirlce of Death'
‘Cirlce of Death’

Yes, luckily  Stefanie Heinzmann was next. She keeps saying “so nice” once too much. Did you ever notice? 😉 When I mentioned this to the others, they only looked at me irritated. I definitively was grinning then, when the others realized, that it indeed must have been her favourite word. But next to this, I totally love her shows. She’s a super likable power woman with a great band. I think esp. at festivals and openairs her show always fits in super and creates great vibes. It wasn’t different at Birrfeld. “Diggin in the dirt”, “My man’s a mean man”, “Show me the way” or the Alex Clare Cover “Too close” accompaigned with dulcimer. Steffi and her Fonky Fonks – it was so much fun again.

Stefanie Heinzmann
Stefanie Heinzmann

Then finally Pegasus. I’ve been there two years ago already. Front row as well, though different people were standing next to me back then. The setlist was the same as the day before in Aigle, I was told. “Last Night On Earth” was the final there, but it was impossible that it was the last song already at this point. The concert was short, but then not that short after all. The five guys created a great atmosphere as always. They are simply great live. “Rise Up”, “Rais A Hand”, “Technology”, “Digital Kids”, “I Take It All” and some more of course were played.  Before Noah announced “Skyline” then, he had the idea to jup off the stage down on the speaker to be closer to the audience. One can do that of course. And to get down always workds. But how to get back on stage again? Urs of course didn’t just get him the guitare then, but was ready with a box after. So the Pegasus front guy could get back on stage again without any trouble. What would he do without Urs? And wasn’t there this lyric mistake? However, Pegasus could have played longer.


Bastian Baker followed. What? They are not starting with “Colorful Hospital”? After 3-4 songs I thought the setlist was really good. The screaming and pushing of the girls around us of course started already before the show and wouldn’t stop anymore. “Never in your town” of course was stuck in my mind again for days. Barley get rid of this earworm. The actual single “Dirty thirty” of course got played as well as hits like “Lucky” and “Tomorrow may not be better” were part of the setlist. They kept rocking the Argovia stage pretty much, but somehow it wasn’t the best concert by them. The atmosphere was pretty good and as said, the song choice for such a short set was put together well. But something was still missing.

Bastian Baker
Bastian Baker

We left front row after. The young girls behind us pushed to the front like it was a matter of life and death. They only want to be front row cos of “The Voice of Germany”, I thought. If they knew the songs of Rea Garvey, ex Reamonn front guy and “The Voice” judge at all? It was difficult to get through the crowd. Bawling and drunk youngsters, inbetween parents with their kids, partley very small kids. For a moment I wished I had stayed in front row. But it was good to eat and drink something. Sooner than expected Rea Garvey was standing on stage with his band. The back ground singer is his sister – he’s got seven by the way. I liked the songs I’ve heard so far well, but live it was even much better. I was surprised somehow and didn’t expect, that I finally liked it so much. Except of “Can’t say no” and “Supergirl” I didn’t know any songs, until he started “Crossrads”. He had written he song of “The Voice of Switzerland” contestant Shem Thomas. I only mentioned “Oh, Shem Thomas will probably join now”. My friend thought he’s going to sing it by himself. But then Rea alreay got Shem on stage. I never was that much into “Crossroads” hearing it on the radio, but I loved it live! The atmosphere during the whole concert was super beautiful and really great. The only annoying thing was that he played “Can’t say no” again at the end of the concert. I don’t like it too much, when songs get repeated. Please have another song ready and don’t repeat.


Rea Garvey @ Argoviafäscht

The Argoviafest ended for me then. With the last regular trains was definitively easier to get home than to wait in Bern one hour for the night bus. It was a super nice day and it was really worth it to go. I am really curious on next years programme. If we may finally get Olly Murs, who I wish for so much?

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