Baba Shrimps at Hafenfest Solothurn

Did you know, that there’s a outdoor swimming pool behind Kofmehl Solothurn? And did you know, that a little bit further there’s also a camping with a harbour? I probably wouldn’t have found out in a while, if Baba Shrimps hadn’t played on this evening at Pier 11 Hafenfest. Admittingly I didn’t like the concert too much.

At this 2 days harbour festival there were various food stands and even a small round BBQ boat. You couldn’t just have a ride on it down the river, but also got a BBQ inclusive. I decided for the tarte flambee though. I had better ones before, but I got a very delicious chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Before the actual shows at 7 pm another musician, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, was playing some songs under the roof of the restaurant. He wasn’t our favourite and thought, that not everyone should cover the song “Hallelujah”. But soon after the Original Blues Brothers Double show started already.

Last summer I had seen The Original Blues Brothers Band at Lakeland festival. In the band there were even still two of the original members. It was really great. Couldn’t say this about this duo at Hafenfest. It sadly was a rather bad playback show and didn’t do any justice to what I’ve seen the year before. There was no band, just the two of them with playback in the background. At some point the audience started to go along, but they didn’t kill it at all.

Yes, sounding very negative, but it absolutely wasn’t. Even none convinced so far musically, the food wasn’t best, it was still nice to be there. And we only went there for Baba Shrimps anyway.

Since Schneefestival I hadn’t seen Baba Shrimps live anymore. Well, not that it would have been completely impossible. I honestly also just copped out since the release of the single “Road To Rome”. I mean, did this song sound like this at Schneefestival? I am still irritated concerning this. The song actually started well, but when it came to the chorus, It almost threw me off my bike on this release morning. I sadly don’t like this song. I then was afraid, that all the new songs would go into this direction and I wouldn’t like them.

But I still wanted to see Baba Shrimps again after such a long time. Possibly, it was just this one song. What the others told me about previous concerts and the album prelistening, didn’t take away the insecurity though…. everything was even more electronic. Well, besides I’ve seen the Kelly Family 4 days in a row the weekend before. If that was the right contrast now?

Baba Shrimps started their concert with “Wish You Luck”. Good! I knew it already and liked it. The following “Oracle” not very much though. Friends warned me because of the Faithless track, they included into “Back To Where The Light is”. Well, the idea didn’t seem bad. Could work out…

No, I’m not generally against electronics and all the snythies. There are two many bands and songs with such elements that I like. And even with Baba Shrimps they were part for a long time already. I love their debut “Neon”. The mix of folk, pop and well, these electro parts. But often less is more…

So one song followed the next one. The one they even dedicated to one of their fans, who’s more or less at every concert and was celebrating her birthday the day after.

With many of the new titles I had a hard time. Sadly they didn’t play letters that I had loved so much at the Schneefestival. Most of the older songs as “Calling Out For You” and “Europe” I still liked as well as the covers of “Big City Life” and “Feel again”.

But most of the concert didn’t really work for me that night. I was somehow as startled as I was back then at the Mark Forster concert. Well, maybe they just caught me on the wrong foot? But actually it does somehow bother me that they are touring only the three of them. There is no more bass player and no additional guitar player (he’s with Pegasus now) with them. I think a proper guitar solo is really missing during “Grizzly Heart”.

Luckily in the end they played “Little House” acoustic. Also “Stay” I quite liked. So this neutralized the emotions.

well, what to do if the favourite band’s developing into a direction, you don’t like? I pre-ordered the album, even I had sworn not to order or buy it, before I hadn’t heard it. Baba Shrimps mentioned, the album would sound a little different to the live performance. On 23rd June I will know…

Just, what if I indeed will like the album, but not live performances (anymore)?

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