Baba Shrimps at Mascotte Zurich

There was quite a snowstorm going on in Zurich. 10 minutes to 8 pm. I was late, missed one of my trains and was very annoyed now. The security guy let some people into the location on the side and I was standing there in the wild blowing snow freezing. Just now I wished that the band won’t start in time. They luckily didn’t 😉

Baba Shrimps celebrated on this evening their tourfinal at Mascotte in Zurich, capacity of 500 people. The days before I still was wondering: Don’t they really have many tickets left or is that only selling strategy? Not, that i wouldn’t begrudge it to them – but after all there were like half of listeners at many other concerts, if not even less. Otherwise it was Zurich, their home, and they hadn’t played there in a while. And indeed, the Mascotte was completley jam-packed that evening! During about one year they have been on tour now with the songs of their debut album “Neon”. Incredible, what can happen within 12 months. And now tourfinal at Mascotte.

At some point they finally let me in as well. I hurried upstairs, passed the queue at the wardrobe and got a spot in about 2nd row quite in front of the drums, at the right edge of the stage. Unfortunately wasn’t possible to reach the others at the front anymore, but well, it was ok. And what can I say? Genious! Okay, okay, at the beginning the audience was rather boring and way too chatty. But this changed at some point very suddendly and the atmosphere was really good. Baba Shrimps started as mostly with “Trouble”, but there were so many great suprises, even we “hardcore fans”, who had been at x-shows (it was now around my 23th Baba Shrimps concert and yes, I know not the nicest number somehow), hadn’t expected. To my joy they played already as 2nd title “Sleepless nights in Paris”. Next to the usual songs from the album as “Calling Out For You”, “Europe”, “Moviestar” or “Kids” there were some great covers on the setlist as “Feel Again” by OneRepublic, that was on their programme since beginning of the tour, or new was “N’oubliez jamais”, that they played in honour of the shortly before died Joe Cocker [Video here]. You’ve got to hand it to them – they not only write great own songs, but are totaly super in covering. Esp. “Big City Life” is totally genious!

Next to it they played “Scared to be alone” [Video here], an older song, by request of a fan and there were 2 duets next to it. One of them was with Lena, who sang the backing vocals for “Little House” on the album[Video here] and the other one was “All The City Lights”. Adi mentioned both of his brothers and the younger one, David, took the chance to jump on stage to join him (he by the way got his own band Alibi Süd) [Video here]. With each song they played a great mix out of pop and folk mixed with synthies, that they love so much and love to keep testing. Adi kept jumping on the boxes at the side and let everyone celebrate him. We got entertained with funny stories as the one of the “best day of their lives” – a day at Alpamare – and the band got completley introduced for once. And because the audience still hadn’t enough and they slowely ran out of songs, they simply got up on stage again as a trio and played “Little House” [Video here] accousticly, only accompaigned by a guitare. That must have convinced even the very last one.

[more photos in galery]

An incredibly great evening, a fantastic and absolutely top tour final. I am already curious, what the next year will bring for Baba Shrimps. How we already could read on  Facebook, they are hard-working on new songs and so on the next album (sure this needs time though). And now the festival season will also start again, where some big events wait for Baba Shrimps too. The dates you can find of course on I’ll see you somewhere? Let me know.

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