Badi Lounge Festival

Bild: Badi Lounge Festival

At snail’s pace I was off from Bern to Frutigen. Already sitting in the right part of the train. It’s where you got to be careful in Spiez. Well, something like that usually only happens once, that you are sitting wrong but not realizing. Hihi.

At sport’s centre Frutigen there was at Badi Lounge a small festival during several days and on Saturday next to other bands Red Shoes and Undiscovered Soul performed. A huge awning was covering the place liberally, there was a bar and you could get nice food. I was totally looking forward to it. You can’t see Undiscovered Soul live often enough anyway and finally it worked out to see a Red Shoes concert again too. I’ve seen then about 1 year before at Thun Arena fest for the first time. Well, a trifle I had blocked…

Red Shoes are a rockband from Thun, well, more exactly my neighbour village. Not difficult to see who’s part of the band – somehow they keep running around only in red Convers. But somewhere they got their name from. You can even buy them now as merchandise – with Red Shoes logo on them of course. Even the band already exist for several years, I didn’t hear of them before 2013. Their music is very much influenced by country, what I like. Next to more rocky songs like “Honeyrose”[Video here], „Light My Fire“ or „Help Yourself Out“ they played the beautiful ballade “Soullight” [Video here]. At this point I would have hit everyone, who couldn’t shut up and listen during the song. they also did some choreos for some songs, what was quite funny, and I enjoyed listening to them. Until they played the part, I already didn’t like at Thun Anrea fest, this cover medley. Amongst others it included DJ Antoine’s “Ma Chérie”, “Hangover” and “Gangnam Style”. The ‘problem’ isn’t that they do covers, but what covers they do. I simply thought they were too good for something like that. Well, difficult if you are about the only one, not liking it.

Red Shoes @ Badi Lounge

[Red Shoes: more photos in gallery]

Before Undiscovered Soul performed, there was a band named Gloom. But I went to have dinner during them. The cheeseburger got more attention than the band, I admit. The band wasn’t so much what I liked.

Yes, it was going to be the last Undiscovered Soul concert before the long concert break. The setlist was more or less the same as the last months – mixed with songs from their album, EPs as well some new still unreleased titles. I can’t get enough of the new song “Ask me”, “Tandem” and “Rund Baby Run” are also some of my favourites anyway and also “Silverrain” – “do you know, where my heart beats? Do you still know what it needs?”. So incredibly beautiful! And inbetween they even played another brand new song, that isn’t even finished 100%. Amazing! The six of them rocked Frutigen. There was a great atmoshphere. It was so much fun again. As soon as the last song ended, the heart got heavy. At this point we didn’t know the, that it wasn’t the last show before the break after all.

Undiscovered Soul @ BAdi Lounge

[Undiscovered Soul: more photos in gallery]

Again a totally great day. First Radio Swisspop on tour in Bern and after Frutigen with Red Shoes (even with stupid medley) and the Souls. And met of course lovely friends and many acquaintances. Days like these should never end… and if I wouldn’t have had plans already, then I would have gone again to listen to Nils Burri . He played there the next day. But well, there has to be varity…

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