Bonnie Tyler at Seaside Festival 2019

With “Flat On The Floor” Bonnie Tyler started her concert at Seaside Festival 2019. It quickly was clear that something was obviously wrong. She seemed dissatisfied and annoyed when finally the engineer hurried to the rescue. For a moment I was afraid she would now let the diva hang out. Oh, how I was wrong! While Bonnie Tyler had to wait until the engineer had solved the problem and fiddled with her bodypack, she wiggled provocatively her butt, beaming at the audience and made her jokes. During the following 1.5 hours she was thrilling from A-Z.

In the business for 50 years

As a child, although always heard Bonnie Tyler through the parents, I actually had no idea about her. Therefore a few infos, for those who are interested:

Born in Wales in 1951 as Gaynor Hopkins, Bonnie Tyler achieved her breakthrough in the 1970s with “Lost in France” and “It’s a heartache”. She has been in business for 50 years. Half a century! Imagine that!

Bonnie Tyler released her first album in 1977 with “The World Starts Tonight” and finally gained worldwide fame in the 80s with “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and “Holding out for a hero”. Through the years she was sometimes more, sometimes less successful. When she had to undergo a vocal chord surgery and did not keep to the instructions given by her doctors, her voice became raspy and her career seemed to end …

Of course the audience at Spiez bay cheered her euphorically, as with the third song the well-known “It’s a heartache” followed. Ha, how exciting to listen to this song live! Next to the new songs released in March, there were even more – even to me – well known songs like “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” or “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

With the latter suddenly everyone came running from all corners. Not just the concertgoers but also musicians, crew members and apparently everyone from the backstage area, who was able to steal away from work for a short moment. Everyone came to the stage to listen to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” There were some disappointed fans though, because they thought Bonnie Tyler had sung the song more soulfully before. But they kept smiling all over their faces.

…well, if the career had come to an end back then, we would not have been here in Spiez.

With a mix of rock, blues, country and pop as well as stories and telligs from life and career, Bonnie Tyler thrilled on this second Seaside Festival day from the first to the last minute of her performance. And did you know that Bonnie Tyler had recorded a version of “The Best”, years before Tina Turner did? Then we, the clueless ones got big eyes and were amazed when she gave it up during the first round of encores.

The comeback

Well, in 1988, Bonnie Tyler had from the international music business after the flop of her album “Hide your heart”.  But in 1991 she celebrated her comeback with “Bitter Blue” thanks to Dieter Bohlen. She then produced three albums with him. But she moved on to rock again and later to country.

Anfang des Jahrhunderts feierte sie mit einem „Best Of“ Album und französischen Versionen von „Total Eclipse Of the Heart“ sowie „It‘s a heartache“ Erfolge. Vor 7 Jahre trat sie für Grossbritannien sogar am ESC an. Dass sie die zahlreichen Grammy Nominationen, Guiness World Records, Brit Awards oder ECHO verdient, bewies sie an diesem Samstagabend mehr als deutlich. Sie weiss mit ihrer Stimme und Persönlichkeit zu unterhalten und zu begeistern. Und „Holding Out For A Hero“ war am Ende noch so richtig das i-Tüpfelchen oben drauf. 

At the beginning of the century she celebrated success with a “Best Of” album and French versions of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” as well as “It’s A Heartache”. Seven years ago, she even joined the ESC for the UK. That she earned the numerous Grammy nominations, Guinness World Records, Brit Awards or ECHO, she proved more than clearly on this Saturday night. She knows how to entertain and thrill with her voice and personality. And “Holding Out For A Hero” was the icing on the cake at the end of the show.

Bonnie Tyler concert was a lot of fun! There some can should learn from her!

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