Bulgur & Münze: Lo & Leduc at Musik im Park

Déjà-vu: A small lake a little outside of Bern’s city centre. Is this stare egret over there in the reed actually real? Oh yes, it’s moving. More people keep gathering around the pond. Young and old are sitting around the bar. Some on the rare chairs, others just all relaxed on the ground and on the lawn. The queue to the bar was way too long though for I would have queued there. In the middle of it the band around a table. Everyone kept waiting more or less patiently for the concert to start. The weather wasn’t as great as it was a year ago and about 1 hour before show start the crowd was already a lot bigger.

Yes, if Lo & Leduc promote strange sounding bands, then you better go. Obviously quite a few got this by now. And so Bulgur & Münze turned out to be Lo & Leduc. When else do you get the chance to see the Bernese duo in such a  small setting nowadays. But a big party possibly came because SRF3 had announced the small secret concert as a concert by the “most popular band of Bern”. Lo & Leduc assumed that many possibly came excepecting someone else…

About a year ago Lo & Leduc had already played a secret concert for “Musik im Park” at Liebefeld Park as Tzatziki Pashas. This time there was a concert under the name “Bulgur & Münze” and the duo brought their complete band with them. You could call all this nepotism, Lo mentioned with a wink. As “Musik im Park” organiser and Lo & Leduc keyboarder Lukas Iselin had booked his own band. But hey, in this case we turn both eyes blind 😉 Already last year this small even was one of my holidays and summer highlights.

Just at the beginning Lo & Leduc let the first few rows of audience sit down. It’s when you properly realised how many people had come. Lo was more nervous than usually and not, because the stage was smaller and the people closer. It was more because in front and beside him there were so many people as well as in the back the small lake. To escape would be difficult. At a pinch into the lake then. Maybe they could use the small box as a boat that was swung in the middle of the audience ? Oh, it was rather meant as a collecting box as Leduc understood after all at some point. Hehe.

To jump into the lake, Leduc had bought a snorkel that he wanted to get rid of again. He realised it wasn’t technically well-thought-out. We had to laugh a lot again about such tellings and stories as well as the very flat bridges, they sometimes gave out between the songs. Even they appeared to be very modest, they still know their comedy parts very well.

Exactly such concerts make summer. The area, the atmosphere, just listening to a band all relaxed, and this in an intimidate and reduce setting. And still it was a concert full of rhythm, great beats and energy. Was it because of the new songs of their actual album “Ingwer und ewig” like “Erfunde”, “Damevelo”, of course “Mis Huus dis Huus” or the beautiful “Mond”. They of course played their hits like “All die Büecher” or “Jung verdammt”. Lo’s Freestyle couldn’t be missed either. Part of the setlist were also the old songs of the “Update” albums again (they are now available on Spotify and Apple music, by the way). So the kids were asked, if they still play “Räuber u Poli”(cops and robbers). They nodded.

As mentioned at the beginning, SRF3 had announced the secret concert as concert of “Bern’s most popular band”. So there was this “we are sorry that we are not Patent Ochsner” moment when the band started with their audience and in a sea of lights the Patent Ochsner hit “Scharlachrot”.

What a concert once again and a fantastic evening. Can’t ever get enough.

Thanks to the organisers of “Musik im Park” for this wonderful event!

Lo & Leduc still play a few concerts this summer. The dates you can find on the official band website:  www.lo-leduc.ch.

Info about Musik im Park you can find on: musikimpark.ch.The last concert in this year takes place with James Gruntz on Thurs, 17 August 2017.

Watch the videos in my Youtube playlist: Lo & Leduc in concert

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