CD-Tip: Dabu Fantastic “Drinks”

On 02 September 2016 Dabu Fantastic have released their new album “Drinks”, that went directly to No 4 in Swiss charts.

After they had already introduced their new songs in August on their Basel-Bern-Zürich-LasVegas-Tour, we can now listen to them up and down at home or on the round all year long. Funny, of society critically and soulful lyrics packed into a mix of pop, rock, funk and hip hop. It’s so much fun to keep listening to the album.

Who doesn’t have the album yet, should really listen to it or best even buying it.

Tracklist “Drinks”:
1. Autobahn
2. Angelina
3. Gang jetzt
4. Beruhig di mal
5. Striited
6. Drinks
7. Schön
8. Hässlich
9. Jeans
10. Die ganz Nacht

My favourites: “Autobahn”, “Schön” and “Hässlich”


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