CD tip: Pablopolar – Colorize

Pablopolar - Colorize

On 11 September 2015 Pablopolar released their 3rd album – Colorize. I was indeed a bit nervous and excited. The new songs at the very last sleepwalker concert did sound different and more rocky. What would we have to excpect from the new album? I am absolutely thrilled of their 3rd work though! It became a great, indeed more rocky album. Less melancholic as well. But still totally Pablopolar.

It is very diversified. Ok, I admit the band first somehow quite shocked me with “Ambulance” – with the Pablopolar_colorizesynthies and unfamiliar electronical. Esp. the 90s hit “Children” by Robert Miles kept getting stuck in my head while listening to it…?! (What I actually kinda think is funny and I like). However, it’s probably not going to be my favourite, but after a few times listening I got pretty much used to it now. But as said there are many rocky titles on it like the same titled song “Colorize” or “FM”. And to my delight, they also added the from the last tour known tracks “Guiding Light” as well as “Long Distance Call” to the album. I love both songs. Ok, “Long Distance Call” is a cover, but their version is simply so much better than the original by Phoenix. Pure goosebumps.

Best you just get the album and have a listen yourself. The tracklist looks like this:

1. Ambulance
2. Colorize
3. Promise
4. Family History
5. Guiding Light
6. Long Distance Call
7. Love Someone
8. Everything iIn Between
9. Deep Down In The Woods
10. FM
11. New Year’s Day
12. Faulinaux

And you can buy it here:

or of course at the concerts of the band, eg. on 10 October 2015 at their CD release party at Bierhübeli Bern. All the dates are on

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