CD tip: Rival Kings “Citizens”

When I’ve seen the Luzern band Rival Kings in April live for the first time, I couldn’t not buying their debut album “Citizens”. And since it’s playing almost in endless repeat – also still about 1,5 months later.

“Citizens” contains 9 Tracks with soft melodies and catchy pop, brute rock and soulful melancholy, completed with drifty beats and touching lyrics. The album was released in January 2014 after about 2 years of band existence and shouldn’t be missed in the cd collection. SRF Virus describes it as good as “a nice piece of cream cheese in a crsispy snack bun” and it definitively contains more than one ear worm. Already after the first listen the one or other line or melody gets stuck. To pick a favourite out of all the tracks is super difficult, but “On The Run”, “Walls” and “Citizens” I esp. like.

Go get the album. It’s available here:

Or of course at the concerts of the band. There’s also a LP to buy. Only the LP player you already got to own or buy one yourself 😉

concert dates you can find on the website of the band  –

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