Cray at Gaskessel Bern

Even though I’ve been to so many places, there are always new things to discover. As I walked over the dizzying Monbijou bridge, marveling at the impressive view of the illuminated goverment house, I wondered if I really had never passed it before. In addition, I believed that there would certainly have been a better way to Gaskessel. Yes, it was my first visit to the Gaskessel. After their release show in the Kufa Lyss last October, where they celebrated the release of their debut album “Failed attempts to fly”, Cray finally played a concert again and brought me to Gaskessel.

“Am I right here?“ was the first consideration as I passed the obviously underwater standing parking lot and stood outside the graffiti-covered building. Unsure if I really wanted to go in there. An A4 note on the door told me that I was right and in there the Cray concert took place. Inside the location, it was much more pleasant then. Really nice. Are there really not more bands playing that I know? Can that be changed?

Two concert visitors were right at the beginning standing in front of the stage dancing and getting lost in the melancholy sounds of Cray. The remaining concertvisitors had sat down first and were more restrained. With “Atihero” Cray started the concert, followed by the catchy “She Said ‘. After a few songs a part of the audience was standing up more or less hesistant. The left side was slightly louder than the right one.

Cray said they had to do some tricks that night and keep looking at how they wanted to continue in their set. Front singer Florian had had no voice a few days ago and was still fighting with his hoarseness. But they did not want to cancel the concert.

On the one hand, however, Cray electrified their listeners again with “Get Away”. On the other hand, they enchanted with beautiful ballads like “Waiting” or “Silence”. One wanted to absorb the soothing sounds just song by song. You didn’t even notice the voice problems that much, if Florian had not mentioned it the one or the other time. But then they did shorten it  a little and closed the concert with the probably most vocal straining song “Another”. To my surprise not in the same version as at the release show but in the “original” version. Apparently because I did not like the other, more electronical version much.

Not, that the version was this bad, I just haven’t heard the original version live before 😉 Who would have thought, that they’d really change it again? However, it was a very nice evening for sure. Thanks Cray <3

The next Cray concert will take place on April 7, 2018 in Lyss at Opposition. It’s one of the last concerts before the venue closes on May 5th.

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