Cray album release in Lyss

“What, you are here already?” I was greeted by some of the band next to some others arriving at Kufa at the same time. But there was a good explanation for: On the one side I am usually at concerts around doors opening and on the other side I came directly from the Michael Patrick Kelly showcase in Luzern. So the train connections worked this way. But it was good, I didn’t have to decide and could go to both.

Cray had released their debut album “Failed Attempts To Fly” and celebrated it on this Friday evening, Friday 13th, at a crowded Kufa Club in Lyss. Differently to the album title and some superstitious people might fear, with this start of the new band chapter Cray did everything else but fail.

Support by Behave

Bernese indie rock band Behave did kick off the evening, a foursome of front woman Shehnaz Sonderegger, guitarist Markus Fuchs, bass player Markus “Maege” Züger as well as drummer Adrian Kranz. With their energetic rock songs , heavy on guitars, they got the audience in the well crowded location into the mood for the main act. Thereby front woman Shehnaz especially stood out with her great voice. Generally it was great to get to know a new band with a front woman. Their debut album “Like A Fool”, that was released last November, is also something! 🙂

Successful release evening

After a short changing break Cray started their concert in the even more crowded club. About 90% were friends and family, their front guy mentioned in-between some songs. I was the 10% and actually had no clue what to expect on this evening. I of course had some idea about the band and their music and how it could be. My idea wasn’t even that wrong 😉

Cray are Florian Schürch on vocals, Mirs Jaguposki on guitar, Stanley Schwab on keys and synthies, David Gerpe on bass as well as Sascha Wuffli on drums. After their formation in 2013 the indie rock band already had a first radio hit with “Another”, before they released their first EP “Alive” in June 2014, among them this song.

2015 they became audience winner at Emergenza band contest at Bierhubeli and quickly were seen as the “Swiss Coldplay” (but who’s the CH Coldplay now, Pablopolar or Cray? 😉 ).  They took their time then for their debut album. And I myself too to discover them: I only got to know their song “Another” at the beginning of the year and luckily their EP was still available as a CD (read here). But attention, dangers of addiction! ^^ Especially “Another” keeps playing endlessly for me.

With “Antihero”, the first title of the album, Cray started their concert quietly, in dimmed, foggy light to continue the concert then energetically with “She Said”. Matching the rocky, spherical synthie sounds  with the driving guitars and beats, the atmosphere and lights went throughout the most parts of the concert. Very stirring, but still somehow restrained. Their voices supported by it, quickly  and easily carried you away. The various solos additionally intensified these effects.

Setlist Cray

The band introduced most songs of the album, some of the EP and the rest of neither nor. Meanwhile the vibes in the location were totally mixed. Whilst the crowd in the back was quietly listening, the front ones were intensively celebrating the band, dancing, singing along and even getting their lighters and lights out.

When they asked the audience for “Hold” to go look for some partner and assured, that the song brought couples together, I had to laugh. The announcement reminded me of Rival Kings and their song introduction for “Echoes”. It was similar. Besides I’ve seen Rival Kings for the first time at Kufa as well. 😉

Whilst Cray were also playing “Falling Asleep”, “Silence”, the actual single “Get Away” or as mentioned “Hold”, I especially got aware of songs, I hadn’t paid too much attention on the album yet. Immediately “She Said” was a favourite and besides from some synthie part in the song, I love “Waiting”. With the encore “Feel Again” was added.

Generally the songs were sounding even better than on the album. The only song I preferred the album version in the end, was “Another”. My total favourite I was so looking forward to, somehow sounded too differently to me. But I liked the concert so much, it was a detail in the end.

The album was well preordered, the release concert was well visited. So that was a successful evening and start. Unfortunately there are no new concert dates known, but on Cray’s Website – – or on the band’s facebook page you’ll get to know as soon as there are dates. Until then just go get the album, learn the lyrics and tell everyone about it 🙂 And don’t forget to have a listen to the support Behave as well:

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