Cro at Hallenstadion Zurich

Ich hatte mir diesen Sommer den Live-Stream von Cro’s Auftritt am Frauenfeld Openair angehört und war ziemlich begeistert. Klang nach Spass, die meisten Songs gefielen mir auch gut. Nachdem ich  den Cro-Tag bei Joiz geguckt und das eine oder andere Interview gesehen hatte [Video Joiz: Cro live im Living Room], fand ich den schlaksigen Typen echt sympathisch. Da kam das Angebot im Joiz-Marktplatz dann total gelegen, um mir den deutschen Rapper mal live anzuschauen. Naja, ich war dann nicht so begeistert, wie ich das erwartet hatte.

This summer I have listende to the live stream of Cro’s performance at Frauenfeld Openair and was thrilled. Sounded like fun, the most songs I liked as well. After I have watched the Cro day at Joiz and seen some interviews, I think this lanky guy is really nice. So the Joiz marketplace offer came just right to go see the German rapper live. Well, I wasn’t as enthusiastic then as expected.

Apparently the show had been moved to a larger location, but the Hallenstadion was almost too big. Part of the seats had been cut off with black covers so that the arena would not look so big and empty. Support was a German rapper called DCVDNS. It was awful! That’s about nicely expressed. His songs were totally monotone. You could barely make one end of the next start. The whole text was downgraded on the same soundtrack. He stood there, barely moving, unless he ran to the stage to drink. And I thought at some point: “Take the stupid bottle to the front!” And as he partly rapped in his lyrics that he actually hated all this – the performances, interviews and all that belongs to it – we really got this impression. If these lyrics were ironic, then I do not know? One of the worst acts I ever had to endure. I do not understand what some liked on him? I’d rather listen to Calvin Harris for an hour, like back at Rihanna’s.

I was glad when he was gone and Cro entered the stage on time with band and DJ, he appeared behind the white curtain. The young rapper is likable and relaxed. Of course the whole concert was accompanied by a lot of yelling and screaming. He kept making his fans freak out a lot. But all the teens were also pretty good with the lyrics, especially with songs like “Easy” [Video here] “Traum” [Video here] or “Bad Chick”, which are known from the radio. But not only. I was also surprised how many songs I recognized and had already heard. There was confetti rain, fireworks and fire fountains, which heated up pretty well there in the front. And yet, I was a little disappointed by the concert. I found it only ok.

The show was often choppy. There was this pop with confetti rain followed by- just nothing. Cro just said ‘Yeah, now you’ve just gotten a nice confetti rain’ – and then the panda somehow ran across the stage kinda confused, before it finally went on to the next title. If that should have been different? The transitions were not necessarily fluent, whether it was the next song or a conversation with the audience. A lot was pretty slow. Between “Rockstar” and “Höhenangst” (Video here) it suddenly became dark. That this was part of the show, was soon clear. The time until he changed the spot  and continued with his guest, Dajuan, seemed like an eternity. Way  too long.


The best part of the concert was with Teesy. The German singer, songwriter and rapper joined Cro on stage in the middle of the concert and they sang “Lange her” [Video here], “SOS” and “Sturmgewehr” together. I was totally thrilled gby it! Great voice, some soul, togethe with the raps of Cro it was totally super.

Well, it was the beginning of the tour and it could be that not everything was working out as it should. Especially with such ‘choreographed’ shows, things can quickly go wrong. But the dynamics were lacking and that’s exactly what Cro mentioned in the Joiz interview after the show. After 4-5 concerts that would certainly run and get better, he said. Of course, I can not judge now, as I have not seen any later concert. On the one hand it is understanding, on the other hand it’s annoying for the audience.

Let’s see, maybe I’ll try again later – as a comparison towards the middle or end of a tour. So a festival show in the summer maybe times. The man with the panda mask, I still think is somehow cool.

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