Cro on tru clubtour in Zurich

Four years ago I was at Hallenstadion during Cros Mellow tour . I found it pretty good. But I was sure that if the concert had taken place in a small or at least smaller venue, it would have worked much better. So I took the chance: Cro went on club tour with his third album “tru” and thanks to Mainland Music I was also in Zurich.

Well placed is half won

It was raining and the cold and wet weather was definitely not nice to wait in front of a concert venue. But that did not scare his fans and so half an hour before the door was opened, the queue was quite long. It also made some nervous and restless when the door opening was delayed by about 15 minutes. Then to the wardrobe? No thanks. The queue was so long that I would have been queuing there forever.

queuing for Cro

Right after the door was opened, Badchieff was standing behind the DJ desk at the B-stage and provided some background music before the support show started. I somehow felt a bit out of place and was not so sure if this was such a good idea to come to the concert. I did not really know what to expect. However, the decision to stand sidewards at the B-stage, was the best of the evening.

The first part of the evening consisted of Cros’ gang, which he had with him on tour. They all introduced 2-3 songs in advance on the B-Stage and gave the audience an appetite before Cro set off. I stood there on the side super close, had a good view of the main stage (the dynamo is not big) and was also not in the middle of the crazy moshpit.


Ivy Sole was the first to make a short appearance. Most of all, I was looking forward to Teesy though. That was THE “Jackpot” after his Bierhübeli concert was canceled. Sure, with only a few songs not the full replacement, but definitely better than nothing 😉 And later he came back at Cro’s concert again.

Ivy Sole


I got to know Teesy on the Mellow Tour back then and also saw him at the Seat Music Session. I did not even think he might be back. I did not get that until shortly before the tour started (yes, you can not always hear everything: P). His short set included “Jackpot” and “Keine Rosen” [Video here]. I love his mix of rap and vocals, the mix of hip hop, pop and soul. Really cool! He is a great singer and super stylish.

On Teesy then followed two Guz Gang colleagues who jumped during their brief appearance in the audience and made the crowd sweat.


Smoothley they changed over to Cro’s show around 9 pm. Cro was on stage with a DJ, with Psaikodino, and two backing singers. Hmm, back at Hallenstadion he had a live band with him? But fine, that’s the way it is. In the background was a huge panda mask as decoration. In addition, many small copies hung on the left and right.

Cro started the first part of his show with “Fkngrt” (short for “fucking great”) and “Hi” as well as a handful of other songs from the new album “tru”. Yes, there are loads of English expressions on the new album. “Tru” is derived from the English “true”. With this album Cro wants to go back to where he originally came from and wants to be more him again. So he’s back to the clubs, at least for this tour, this evening  at Dynamo in Zurich.

One of my favorites was his 3rd single-release “Computiful”. A song about the fast pace of today. Cro’s new songs are generally more serious and profound. With influences from rap, soul, pop and funk “tru” is a versatile work.

During “Todas”, a title with influences from Afro-Trap and Latin which he originally recorded with Fugees member Wyclef Jean, he came over to the B-stage.

The panda man and his mask

The vibes were really good. On the B-stage with “hi Kids”, “Bad chick”, “Allein” and “Du” some older songs followed. As he suddenly was standing so close to me, I was thinking again, how he’s actually looking like under this mask? Is this known nowadays? Honestly, I googled. But I only found these unconfirmed reports. Do the fans know that by now? Actually, it does not matter, but you are still curious anyway. You have such thoughts. You kept hearing these “undressing!” shouts out of the audience. I assume that was related to his mask. So I was not the only one who was curious. 😉

Carlo, what is Cro’s real name, let the text-confident audience sing along, gave high-fives and finally came down tino the audience during “Kein Benz” on my side of the B-Stage. He jumped and hopped right through the crowd. The (maybe somewhat aggressive) Security guy obviously had a hard time getting Cro through the wild pack to the main stage. At the same time, I had the impression from a distance that the fans kept themselves in check and jus were partying.

To the other side please

Back on the main stage he continued with the new songs “Baum” and “Noch da”. Not only did he get some  noise-producing toy (or whatever it was), that was not heard through the microphone, but even a pair of sneakers. The gift-giver was not only brought on stage for a thank-you-hug, he was even allowed to crowd surf. The fan was transported by the audience to the B-stage, whilest Cro with performed “Fake you” together with Ivy . Stagediving was anyway  the locomotion method No. 1 that evening to get from one to the other stage.

The last part before the encore included some older and better known songs like “Bye Bye” again.

My top highlight? Um, sorry, not the panda guy

Cro’s whole gang finally reappeared on the main and side stages. They performed with Cro, among others, “My Gang,” ” Tag und ,” or “California,” before a medley followed with everyone. Once again they did stage diving, confetti cannons popped, it was wild and loud. But that was not the end of the concert. Cro returned to the stage again to finish the evening with next to his hits “Easy” and “Traum” also with “Undendlichkeit”.

Musically, the first part of the encore was not always my case. All together, I found it a cool, very varied concert. The panda guy is just nice and cool.

It definitively worked with the small location. Nevertheless, my highlight was also this time someone else than Cro 😉 My top highlight at the end of the day were the performances with and by Teesy again. Yes, somehow I have to plan a concert in Germany, if that does not seem to work with Teesy’s  Swiss concert …

As far as Cro is concerned, he’ll be back to the Samsung Hall in Zurich on his autumn tour and ahead of it, in summer at Gurtenfestival.



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