Dabu Fantastic at Mühle Hunziken

Friday evening I was off on the motorway direction Mühle Hunziken in Rubigen. And I seriously missed the exit to Rubigen. Well, so I had to do a little detour over Ostring (don’t ask!). But then there even was this stupid building site directly at the exit… thanks to the one having invented the satnav! But yes, plus of the litte detour was: I was there a little later and could more or less just walk into the location without queuing.

In front of the entrance, at the fireplace, they were preparing an award ceremony for the band. Of course I was super curious so. But sure Dabu Fantastic were going to tell during the concert about what award they have received. So I was waiting with friends for concert start in front of the stage, munching a delicious Mühli bread cup  (My new fave food. You got to try it with your next visit) with pleasure. Slowely the three floor concert location was getting crowded. There were less than 40 tickets left, the band anounced on social media earlier the day. If the concert was sold out in the end, I don’t know though. But sure as good as.

Dabu Fantastic entered stage during the intro and started the concert as usual with “Autobahn”. Yes, the last weeks the six member band made many autobahn kilometers again. Since middle of January they are with their album “Drinks” intensely on tour again- #tourdegeil, and this very successfully. Half of the tour was already sold out in presale, many shows latest on the concert evening. So who wants to see the band, can’t rely on it that tickets will be available spontaniously. Make sure to get your tickets ahead, best soon. With the concert at Mühle Hunziken in Rubigen the biggest part of the tour is already behind them and they are coming to an end.

The setlist didn’t just consists of the new titles, we got to know already in detail last summer on their BaselBernZürichLasVegas Tour, but a great variable mix of all their albums as well as some Fanta 4 covers, that are always well received with the audienc too. [Btw, did you know that the upcoming summer Dabu Fantastic will be supporting their idols, die Fantastischen Vier, Hinwil am “Rock The Ring” ?]. During “Schön” Dabu and Arts changed to sporty head bands and quickly made sure the Mühli kept moving. After they sang with all the present cowboys and cowgirls about the every day suitable “Jeans” and kept criticizing our society with catchy melodies and lively funny lyrics – of course always with a wink. The with Marc Sway written Songmates song “Gold” wasn’t missing either. Performed only by Dabu Fantastic, I honestly like it even better.

Yes, it’s probably no secret, that a big part of the present audience knew Dabu Fantastic because of “Angelina”, the actual hit of the band. And with this small fact they allowed themselves some jokes during the show. The audience kept perkin their ears excitingly and looking forward to “Angelina”, until they realised that it was just a little teaser, a small taste of the song. “Angelina” was a long time in coming.

Calming bass tunes by Gianluca during “Beruhig di mal”, a dance with “Tanz ällei” through Mühle Hunziken or a shrewish solo by guitar player Sam with “Striited”. Is there always the risk, that the atmosphere is a little saggy after a break, the audience was totally there during the second set and came out of themselves. Finally Dabu and Arts presented then their ahead of the concert received golden disc award for their single “Angelina” (that means the title was sold over 15’000 times) [they announced it on facebook]. Of course the song had to follow, but only on condition that the mobile phones were put away for at least the first verse.

As an encore we got not only the actual radio single “Gang jetz”, but also “Sunne”, for what they got a concert visitor on stage to sing along. He had also been there during Dabu Fantastic’s first Mühli visit and so they kept their word that he could sing with them this time (and no, I sadly wasn’t there back then, sorry Guys). With “Miin Ort” it became quiter once again.

Before I was off home after this great concert evening, I went to get one of the new CD boxes with the first 3 Dabu Fantastic albums, that is available at concerts limited to 100 pieces. Except of this there’s rose hip tea among their merch – in case you’ve had too many “Drinks” at their concerts.

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