Dabu Fantastic at Radio32 in Solothurn

“Not drinks again!” – Oh yes, in fact high above Solothurn, on the 7th floor of Hotel Ramada, where we celebrated summer on this Wednesday evening for a last time. It was said to be the last summer day and you couldn’t finish it any better than with some “Drinks” of and with Dabu Fantastic.

The day before my friend already won tickets for Radio32. So it was set, that I could go with her. Has she been sitting deliberately next to the phone half of the day, listening to the radio closely. The day after, on the day of the event, I got an e-mail too that I won in the online competition. Actually I had received the mail already in the morning, but only saw it in the afternoon. And yes, even then it was a little late to be informed. So I didn’t get any additional company. But never mind, it was the two of us and we were looking forward to see Dabu Fantastic for a last time before the break. To arrive in time by 6.45 pm, I had to leave one hour before finishing time. But luckily that wasn’t a big problem.

Hotel Ramada is less than five minutes walking from Solothurn station away, where the radio 32 event “Talk’n’Show” took place on the 7th floor for the first time after summerbreak. As said with Dabu Fantastic. It was our 7th week of Dabu Fantastic. The 7th week on the 7th floor – that fits! What means, we’ve seen the last 7 weeks in a row at least one Dabu Fantastic concert a week. First I went to Basel-Bern-Zurich-LasVegas-Tour, then Musig i de Altstadt, followed by Argovia Live Session. My friend went to the album release show at Hallenstadion as well, where I couldn’t take place. And now at Radio32. The band itself looked back on 21 concerts. Pretty crazy and probably exhausting, but then again it’s mostly positiv, as I know it myself, as you like doing it. Kindly we were welcomed by Radio32 and hotel staff. And yes, I came all the way from the lake of Thun.

With the most beautiful sunset in the background there was a half hour talk. Arts got all the laugthers at the beginning, when he first dropped his microphone. And otherwise it became a very funny, but also interesting and informative evening. We hadn’t known everything yet, what they told in the interview. Like the story with the boiled out bone, they sent to the record lable with an intigrated golden USB stick in hope for a deal. You can guess that this happened for their previous album “Hallo Hund”. After the dog there’s the hangover (note, play on words: tomcat and hangover are having a same meaning in German). No journalist realized this though. They gave some tips how to explain best their actual single “Angelina” to the kids with Lego. And among others we also got to know about their old homes and old friends of the two musicians. It was really a great talk.

After that the band played live. They were squeezed once more on a rather small stage. Dabu though was standing more often in front of the stage or was running and jumping across the room. With his 1,94 m (by the way in the song “Grosse Mc” you can go and calculate it yourself) on the high stage there possibly would have been an accident otherwise. There weren’t any doctors or doctors-to-be actually, Dabu had checked that. Thihi. They started with “Paradiis” from the previous album. They continued with “Vo Vorn” – yes, we would have loved to experience the last 7 weeks from the beginning again. This time has been really great. They also played “Striited” and “Hässlich” (one of my favourites on the album). How most of the audience simply could stay in their seats, was beyond myself. We were definitively on our feet very soon. There Dabu sat down in the audience or checked during “Drinks” the bar in the back of the room. They seemed not to have any rose hip tea though. “Gang jetz” sure didn’t get us to leave yet, because during “Sunne” Arts presented not only his belly-drumming-skills, but also a for the song suitable choreography. And of course, “Angelina” couldn’t be missed at the end.

It was a really great evening! Of course everyone who wanted got autographs and photos after. The new album “Drinks” isn’t only available on CD by the way, but also on Vinyl. So it can happen that Dabu gets very creative with signing them.

We are already looking forward to see the band live again and will miss our weekly drinks til then 😀 Have you seen the band live before? If not, I can really recommend it. In my Youtube-Playlist you can find some live videos. All the infos about Dabu Fantastic and their tourdates you of course can find on their official website www.dabufantastic.ch. As said, their are back on tour from January.

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