Damian Lynn at Canal 3 Soundcheck in Lyss

Since 5 years Damian Lynn is touring now, but that never happened so far, he admitted. Presently on autumn tour with his in spring released second album “Truth Be Told”, the Canal3 Soundcheck concert at Kufa Lyss was partly indeed more like a soundcheck than a concert 😉

Dream Pop from the land of Hobbits

At 8pm the New Zealand band French For Rabbits started their support set. Usually they were five, but tonight only front woman Brooke on keys, guitar and lead vocals, bass player Ben as well as Penelope on backing vocals were standing on stage.

French For Rabbits are currently on tour through Europe. On the next day they were off to Germany and then on to the UK, precisely to Scotland. They had already been to Switzerland few years ago. Some of the visitors in the audience had even seen them back then. They like Switzerland. Here it was similar to New Zealand, just that there were the cooler looking houses in Switzerland.

With their wonderful, melancholic dream pop they got the audience at Kufa into the right mood. After the concert we could go and talk to them about ‘hobbits and habits”. Very sympathetic the three of them.  That’s what the Kufa cat also thought and went after the show to get cosy on the chair next to them. 😉

Lots of love for Damian Lynn

After I had seen Damian Lynn a week ago at ZKB Nachtschwärmer unplugged, I was looking forward to the tour concert at Kufa. Whilst I was still sitting at the office by 5 pm, the first fans had already been standing in front of the Lyss concert location waiting for him. Uiuiui… 😉 Damian was impressed by their selfmade t-shirts though. He didn’t get any for his own merch yet.

Shortly before the concert started I was already wondering, whether the technicians had some problems with their cable tangle. At least it looked like. But when Damian Lynn started his concert at 9 pm, everything seemed ok.

Already touring as a duo with drummer Marcel, every now and then with bass player, they are now a trio since September with Sebi on keys, synthies and guitar. They started their set with the first few new songs, that was as usually live streamed by Canal3. The following Otis Redding cover “Sitting On The Dock of The Bay” Damian got in his programme for a while already.

Having been in Lausanne the day before, Damian was glad not having to talk in French anymore. Though, he asked again to be on the safe side. Around the fifth song it happened then: The loop station broke or it didn’t accept the microphone anymore. He couldn’t record beats anymore.

After a while of trying to fix it, the problem obviously couldn’t be solved quickly, so Damian simply changed his setlist. Whilst four technician and band members tried to fix it, Damian went over to “Winter” next, only accompanied by his acoustic guitar. Nowadays he didn’t depend so much on the loop station anymore like he used to. Besides it must have been disturbing for the radio listeners as they couldn’t see what was going on.

He also played “Memories” from his debut album. This song he send to the radios back then in spring. The song was rather quiet and melancholic, so at this time it didn’t get played. Only in autumn after it suddenly was played up and down. With Sebi on the keys they played the beautiful ballade in a duo.

Until microphone and loop station were working again after about two songs, it felt indeed a little more like a soundcheck than a concert 😉 Luckily it could continue then, like it should. Despite the break, all the stop-going, the atmosphere at Kufa was very good. This could happen and probably none bothered too much.

After I didn’t like “When We Do It”, the first single of “Truth Be Told”, too much, I realized that Damian Lynn still sounds like him on the new album. Sure with more special beats and synthies. But the beautiful ballades are still on the follow up. And in a trio everything sure sounds like more.

Next to the new songs as “Don’t Stop” as well as “Flowers”, Damian also played his “Hip Hop/Rap Mash Up”, this time a little longer than at the train concert. He promised, if anyone was recognizing more than 15 songs, he’ll get a beer after. Umm, did anyone make it? Well, I only recognized three songs 😉 This way the mash up maybe was dragging on a little.

At the end the audience didn’t let Damian go without any encore. So to apologize to his listeners for the technical problems, we got something special: He went down into the audience with his acoustic guitar and sang “All I Want” by Kodaline. Towards the end we got once more total goosebumps! And from above on the balcony the audience had gathered around him in a heart shape. So much love they got for the Luzern musician.

Can you see the heart? ♥


Who wants to see Damian Lynn live got several possibilities: The tour is taking him across Switzerland. Therefore he’ll be playing another two times in Canton Bern (Bern itself as well as Burgdorf), at the wonderful Songbird Festival in Davos as well as some other places. Besides he’ll be off on a German tour in December already for the second time in this year.

Just go and check  www.damianlynn.com.
Infos about the support act you can get on www.frenchforrabbits.com

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