Death By Chocolate at Pod’Ring Biel

On this Tuesday evening I was off to Biel to go to the Pod’Ring festival. Pod’Ring was celebrating its 40th anniversary in this week, among others with the local rockband Death By Chocolate.

This time I got easier to Biel than last time for Braderie. The train went directly from Bern to Biel again. But where was the old town again? Oh yes, from the train station directly through town. I believe, I got to go shopping in Biel some time. I like the shopping street there.

The stage was standing in the “ring” in the middle of the old town. Surrounded by beautiful old buildings and directly next to the church. One, two bars, some tables. Around the corner there seemed to be a food area. Except of this in various locations also some indoor events took place.

“Pod’Ring” was organised the first time by the church’s youth workers, for the ones staying at home during summer holidays. I went to the festival only once 5 years ago. I was standing all excited in front of this small stage then, listening to the new Pegasus songs of the album “Human.Technologie”. Wasn’t the place bigger back then?? Haha, probably not 😉

Death By Chocolate started their concert with “Animal Keeper” and rocked Biel with old and new songs. This time again with drummer Kevin, who became a dad by now. Besides was it a setlist, I wouldn’t get to hear again, I was told after the concert. Why didn’t I actually ask for the reason? Well, so I got to see some more concerts to understand 😉

The setlist:

  1. Animal Keeper
  2. When you bleed
  3. That disguise
  4. Alfred
  5. The witch and the poor
  6. Tell me what you see
  7. Rock’n’Roll
  8. Two Paths
  9. Virgin Killer
  10. Gravedigger
  11. Pillow ground
  12. No shore to come
  13. Give us a reason
  14. Siren Calls
  15. Go Go Go

It was still early and bright, so the light show of course didn’t have the same effects as a month ago at Music Days in Steffisburg. But the longer the concert was on people were gathering in front of the stage. The audience came closer, soon was standing more compact and even followed frontman Mat’s request to dance. Also he forced the visitors to go down into their knees to jump up again by command.

As always it was again quite wild, it became a bit quieter with songs like “The witch and the poor”, “Two paths” or “Pillow ground”. My favourites “Alfred”, “Tell me what you see” and “Go Go Go” that followed as an encore, they also played.

Well, I maybe liked the concert at Music Days Steffisburg a little better. The atmosphere in the audience was better there and the concert in Steffisburg seemed to have a better flow. But generally it was another great concert and I love to see the rockband live. Make sure to go see one of the next concerts.

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