DJ Bobo in Bern

DJ Bobo’s celebrating with his actual “Mystorial Tour” his 25 years anniversary and stopped at Postfinance Arena in Bern. Originally it should become a party and great concert experience. Wasn’t so much for me though.

After the small showcase at Westside Bern last September he got me again. I felt like seeing DJ Bobo live again. The last show I’ve seen was back in 2012 at Hallenstadion. I am not so happy with the seating order, that there is for several years now. The seats are generally just too expensive for me. CHf 100-199 for a good seat… or the problem is that there are only seats nowadays. Except at Postfinance Arena there were still standing tickets available.

Bad ticket choice

Well, it was still a stupid idea in the end. 🙁 The standing area at Postfinace Arena is just for nothing at all! At least not for me. I indeed had to fight my fear of heights. But even elsewise they are rather silly. I knew that the standing area was behind or even above the seats. But I wasn’t aware, that the standing area was THIS high up and even THIS steep. Besides, the steps were rather small and the whole standing area so packed, you didn’t have a lot of space to move.

Looking down, the flood lights covered half of the sight to the screen and the sound wasn’t very great either. I should have brought field glasses. Left and right from the stage there were actually no screens to watch the show. The dancers and musician looked like ants…

I put myself half up behind the barriers, that war standing inbetween. So at least I wouldn’t fall :P. When the arena slowely was getting crowded, it wasn’t as bad anymore with the height. I could have lived with that spot so. Wouldn’t there have been this very annoying group of guys and woman standing directly behind me. They ruined it. They didn’t only act like they were at a hockey game or somewhere similar, but simply couldn’t shut up at all.

Support from Thun

Already before 8 pm a young musician from Thun started a short set. Sadly I couldn’t understand his name at all. Cove or something like that? The sound was rather low and echoing. As the group behind me was talking loudly during the whole set, I understood even less. Asking them to continue their talking after the concert, they reacted with incomprehension and simply kept talking this loudly. Esp. the two woman were almost shouting at each other. Even pointing it out a second time later, didn’t help.

The young guy was standing on the big stage all alone with his guitar. He was part of the supertalent show some years ago. But after Bobo he was too young back then. The way I got it, he mainly played cover versions in his set, among them “Kiss” by Prince.

Time travelling with Bobo

Until the DJ Bobo concert started, quite some time was passing. Not only the group behind me was complaining about the half an hour review with constant advertisement breaks. I would have cut out this way too long review.

The band started the intro then. Whilst the time machine kept turning and more reviews were shown on the screen, Bobo appeared at the end out of a scuttle in the floor and was standing all alone in the middle of the stage. In matching outfit he started his time travel with his toursong “Mystorial”.

Of course Bobo is also on this tour accompanied by his band, various singers as well as many dancers. Among them are again his wife Nancy, Jesse Ritch as well as choreographer Curtis. This evening Curtis, who was part of it from the beginning, was standing on stage for the second last time. Besides there is the German percussion group Greenbeats with them.

During the first few songs the whole thing was a bit slow. The show was at the beginning rather simple though. From “La vida es” everything seemed to get off the ground. Beautiful how a ballerina was dancing on the piano in the back. With the older, better known songs like “Together”, “Where is your love” or “Chihuahua” the audience kept slowely getting into the mood. Bobo sat behind the “flying piano” or took a fan on stage for a surprise present. Dancing choreographies and lightshow were as always impressive.

Sadly the group behind me still kept talking loudly. Also other people started to be annoyed and to complain. But of course didn’t tell them directly. When it became quieter again, “Love is the price” was played after about half of the show, I had enough. I left my spot.

Having a drink, calming down first. I quickly noticed, that the sound was, as expected, definitively better on the middle floor. Even the sight was clearly better. From there I wasn’t allowed to watch though. I was think about going home for a moment. But decided differently then. So I was standing up in the standing area, just listening.

The best came at the end

The song choice of the second part I liked a lot better. Even I only could listen and not see. This way I did miss the biggest part though, until shortly before the encore. I noticed there all the many children, that were sitting next to their parents partly disinterested, annoyed and bored. Some probably because they couldn’t see anything anyway, others because they simply didn’t want to be there. Of course such situations are also seen at other concerts, but at Bobo’s there are of course always many children. I felt somehow sorry for them. You shouldn’t bring your children to concerts at a too young age, or what do you think?

In-between Bobo was standing in the middle of the audience. He played games and did choreographies with the audience. Only from the encore on, when many people already left to go home and there were gaps in the audience, I found a suitable spot to watch the last few songs. The vibes were great at this point. The view on this distance wasn’t really, but still the encore seemed somehow the best part of the evening this way.

Well, that probably was just a sign. I bought the download card for the audio- and video recording of the evening. Will rewatch the concert quietly in front of the TV and probably do so with DJ Bobo in future. In case you want to be there live though, you can find all the info on


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