Eliza Doolittle in Bern

Act: Eliza Doolittle
Date: 11.02.2014
Event: Energy Live Session
Place: Rondel Bern
Time: 8.30 pm
Doors: 7 pm

I love showcases. With them you can discover new music easily. And barley taken part in the web, I already got confirmation that I’ve won for Energy Live Session with Eliza Doolittle. When I hear Eliza Doolittle, I remember Ireland. I believe, I’ve heard about her over there sometime. Though the petite singer/songwriter comes from London.

Eliza Doolittle in BernThe 32nd Energy Live Session took part at Rondell in Bern. A small club close to the train station. When we arrived shortly before 7pm, the last tunes of the soundcheck sounded out of the cellar. “Why we won’t actually get a picture with the real Eliza?” – yes, good question. It would be a lot more fun than with this paper figure. But at least you’ve got the chance to win VIP Tickets for the next Energy Live Session. Let’s hope for the best. Over some scales we got down into the club and it was defintively bigger than it seemed from outside… with a round stage, a bar and an attic so said. Somehow I had some déja-vu and felt like I’ve been there before. But I wouldn’t know when. We went to get our free drink at the bar and kept chatting away til Energy presenter Simon Moser entered stage and introduced the 24-years old singer and her band. The petite brunette with the torn jeans and glitter top started with “Back packing” and soon speculating startet – ‘does she wear anything under her top or not?’ and ‘is this holding?’. Somehow she reminded me quite of Miley Cyrus – back then, when I still liked Miley during her Hannah Montana times. But Eliza seems still a bit more talented and the better singer. So she played with her band her one hour show – keyboarder, bass player and drummer. The drummer she only met in the morning. At “No man can” goosebumps couldn’t be avoided, for the Disclouser song “You & me” she sat down all alone at the keboard and latest with “Skinny Genes” I’ve got my first Aha-moment. She’s been dancing across the stage, kept swinging her hips, played and was flirting with the audience, which consited in the front rows mainly of females though. The young guy on the left side of the stage was her target then most of the time – she went down on her knees in front of him, did tousle his hair and kept confusing him. “In your hands”, “Walking on water” or “Pack up” were further tracks on the setlist. After the last song the audience keept applauding for her and the band to do an encore. Usually she won’t do encores, she said, as it was “cheesy”. She was a bit confused obviously that everyone wanted to hear more.

Eliza Doolittle is for sure talented and got a nice voice. I enjoyed the showcase, but got to say, that I didn’t get into it 100%. But I am curious, how soon she’ll be back in Switzerland and what else we’ll got to hear from her.

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