Even You at AKUT Thun

Ok, is this a youth club? Wouldn’t have the two mums be there, then I probably would have been the oldest at this concert. Phew, I somehow didn’t feel on this evening to leave the house at all. But Even You played next to  The Roll Call and Yabba & The Noise Factory at Akut, a small Thun location, and I wanted to see Even You again. I thought about asking what time Even You exactly would play – but then thought, I simply listen to the other bands too. I should have asked…

The Roll Call played first. At the beginning I somehow thought, this band got something. But then I wasn’t the only one, who didn’t like the band. I soon thought the drummer was the better singer than actually the front guy. Somehow vocally nothing really fit. Their one hour show was dragging. Well, at least the alpin ice tea was really nice, that they’ve been selling there.

After them Even You luckily played. Last summer I’ve seen them live for the first time and since a lot obviously changed. The 6 member rock/blues band played their 9th concert on this evening, vocally and in generall they seemed more confident. I was again impressed how many instruments they actually play – well, next to the usual guitare, bass and drums, also violin and harmonica. And the singer pair, the siblings Noel and Estelle sound great together. The atmosphere during their show was really great. The audience was standing close to the stage, dancing, cheering, singing along to some of the songs and covers. But esp. the way Noel is jumping around on stage and living the songs properly, it’s totally infectious. Not everything was perfect, but really good. And as said, the improvemend could be heard and seen. But the concert wasn’t even finished, when the location was half empty again. ‘Most of them had to get the last train…’, someone said to me. Umm, yes, whatever.

While the last band, Yabba & The Noise Factory, did their soundcheck, it seemed as none was going to be around anymore. But the blues/tras/rock’n’roll trio did have some spectactors after all then. The band esp. stood out first with their outfit – white shirts, black trousers, pair of braces. And they were pretty loud.

Nothing for me, and I’ve seen what I wanted to see. So the evening came to an end for me.

Official website: www.evenyou.ch

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