Foo Fighters in Bern

Foo Fighters Bern

The Foo Fighters are currently on “Concrete and Gold Worldtour” and yes, I was one of those “a**holes”, who saw the Foo Fighters live for the first time this evening. But hey, better late than never, right Mr Grohl? And yes, I found the band around the ex-Nirvana Drummer really great!

Bucketlist: Foo Fighters

With all the stories about Foo Fighter’s front man Dave Grohl, which you read in the media, you get curious. Sure, I’ve heard about Nirvana before. I also have heard one or two Foo Fighters songs. But only in the last years the band became really present to me. Especially through the reports about the frontman.

Then there was the fan campaign, where 1000 fans from all over Italy rocked in a Youtube video to “Learn To Fly” to get a concert of their idols in Cesena. What the Foo Fighters actually played there then. Watch the great video HERE. Because of this camgaign I started to love “Learn To Fly”.

Also, you could read about one or the other crazy incident as well as various surprises around their concerts. For the last few years Grohl has also brought his talented daughters Harper and Violet for drumming or singing on stage.

In addition, there was a congratulatory message to the YB championship title on the band’s Facebook page. Have you seen it? There ce someone has come up with something and earned some sympathy points for the band 😉

So: seeing Foo Fighters live once in a lifetime!

Now, after the concert, I hope it was not the only time.

Difficult stand for the support acts

Stadiums are definitely too big to stand in the back. Especially if in the middle of it there are two small sound booths (?), behind which you must have hardly seen anything. So, I left work extra early and was able to get a spot on the side of the catwalk, approximately in the middle, in second row. To be where the action is and not on the sidelines 😉 The overview of the whole was basically good and if they run down the catwalk, I could catch a closer look.

Support Act 1: Wolf Alice

Even 10 minutes earlier than announced, the first support band, the British alternative rock band Wolf Alice, kicked off with their set. In the still very empty stadium they had no easy stand.

The Grammy-nominated band around frontwoman Ellie Rowsell with guitarist Joff, bass player Theo Ellis and drummer Joel Amy also started a bit hesitantly and then came out the longer the more. You also stood there wondering, “What is the guitarist doing there? Is that a way to play or is he trying to wreck the guitar ?! “Haha. Definitely entertaining.

The debut album of the band was released in 2015, the follow-up “Visons Of A Life” followed last year. The first song a little softer, they kicked in a lot more in the next one. Although songs like “Don’t Delete The Kisses” and “Visions Of Life” seemed pretty cool, it was blaring more than sounded really good. At the soundboard in the back it was not better, I was told. But no wonder, as the soundguy according to her statement was constantly on the phone …

Wolf Alice Bern

Support Act 2: The Kills

For the second support band, they were already more concentrated behind the mixing desk, what you could hear clearly. The intro started, violet light flickered along the pedestals. Of course that did not really work out in daylight.

In hot pants and a black and white leopard-print blouse, singer Alison Mosshart followed by band mate Jamie Hince and two fellow musicians took the stage. She threw her cigarette into the ditch before she started to rock to “Heart Of A Dog”. The American singer knew how to bend and twist.

The Kills are on tour with their fourth album “Ash & Ice” and seemed to go down better at Stade de Suisse with songs like “Siberian Nights”, “List of Demands” or “Doing it to dead” than their forerunners. The extensive solos of Jamie Hince, such as at the end of “Monkey 23”, were received with great enthusiasm.

The Kills Bern

When they left the stage about half an hour before the Foo Fighters, especially the seats were still very empty. Nina von Kekoaskorner told me about an accident and traffic jam on the highway as well as the huge queues that were still standing in front of the stadium.

Learn To Fly

I was just talking to the Minx guitarist about the sometimes too passive Swiss fans, the Foo Fighters entered the stage, started with “Run” and it went immediately really wild in one fell swoop. Uh, where have I ended up here?

With “All My Life” the band continued their concert at the Stade de Suisse and took the audience with them. Ok, especially the fans in front of the stage. Those who stood in the back and especially those in the seats seemed to have to acclimatize a bit and needed their time to get going. Fortunately, the sound was really good during the Foo Fighters. Well, you see, it works.

Foo Fighters Bern

Already as a third song followed their hit and my Foo Fighters favorite “Learn To Fly”

…. I’m looking for a complication, looking ’cause I’m tired of trying, make my way back home when I learn to fly (high)… 

Okay, the only song I knew (I know the oldschool fans are shaking their heads now). Well, at least I thought at the time, it would be the only Foo Fighters song I knew.

The audience, young and old, rocked around me and jumped along wildly. Suddenly the first concert visitor surfed past my head via crowd surfing. Uh, hello you ?! In the course of the concert, others should then copy him. The security seemed to take it easy. It was really crazy and at first I was almost too overwhelmed. But from song to song it became better and it was mainly the enthusiasm for this band that stayed.

Do you want rock n roll?

Dave Grohl grinned all over his face. “Do you want rock’n’roll?” he yelled and the band started with “Pretender”. Grohl made the audience scream and allowed himself to have fun with the fans. Constantly chewing gum, the frontman swirled almost non-stop full energy across the stage. First from one side to the other, then halfway over the catwalk and back again. Repeating from the beginning. The louder and more the audience shouted, the more it obviously fired him. Somehow a miracle that he never choked on this gum 😉

Foo Fighters Bern

Things got a bit quieter with “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” and I was happy about another song that I recognized. But it went just as crazy with “Rope”. Droning guitars and crazy solos included. And the song eventually put drummer Taylor Hawkins in the spotlight.

During Hawkin’s seemingly endless drum solo suddenly the platform he was standing on rose and slowly brought him to a dizzying height. Hawkins even proved with “Sunday Rain” that there was not just one singing drummer in the band. Hawkins is as just as good as Grohl in any way.

Over 20 years of music history

Towards the end of the song, Dave ran all the way down the catwalk, which stretched to about the middle of the stadium, and positioned himself there alone with his turquoise-colored guitar. Actually he and his band should have been here 3 years ago, but yeah … He only shrugged and the audience knew that he was talking about his broken leg. He referred to this canceled concert several times during the concert. He wanted to show that they knew that the Swiss fans had to wait forever for the return of the band.

Dave Grohl always spoke of “here”. Would the concert not have taken place in St. Gallen back then? Oh well, such a distance does not make any difference to an American 😉 At that time 20’000 spectators  would have taken part, today there were 30’000, the  Foo Fighters frontman was happy about.

So Grohl was all alone, only with his guitar at the catwalk end. The band had left the stage. With a quick survey, he quickly realized there were many who saw the Foo Fighters live for the first time that night. “You a ** holes” – um, thanks David ?! Well, since every other word from his mouth was “Motherf *** ers”, this description didn’t really matter. But we newcomers had not to be scared, because the band got to present songs of more than 20 years music history. For the old school fans he played “My Hero”. We others could see how it worked. This song moment was definitely one of my concert highlights. One of the rare ballads and really nice!

We definitely want more

With the full band back on the mainstage, they continued with “These Days” (Ha! I knew that too!) that lead directly into “Walk” (another one I knew!), followed by a detailed band introduction. Guitar player Chris Shifflet showed his skills. But Grohl was sure “you deserve more! Do you want more? Everyone definitely wanted more and so Chris took the lead vocals to Alice Cooper’s “Under my Wheels “.

During a short medley featuring parts of Guns’n’Rose’s “It’s So Easy” and Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust,” bass player Nate Mendel, keyboarder Rami Jaffee, and guitarist Pat Smear were also brought into the light. Grohl also started John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Although I did not recognize the lyrics 😉 He belched in-between briefly into the microphone, but just sang on as if nothing had happend. A weird mix … That’s just him?

Foo Fighters Bern

To make the whole thing a bit crazier and much cooler, we not just did singing exercises with drummer Taylor Hawkins. No, he left his spot behind the drums to frontman Dave and ran during “Under Pressure” by Queen across the stage, taking over the lead vocals. Yes, Hawkins definitely has a new fan! The man not only played great drum solos, I liked his songs as well.

Accompanied by a lot of audience screaming and a great light show, everyone went crazy again for “Monkey Wrech”. With “wheeles” this was followed by another ballad and Grohl got The Kills frontwoman Alison up on stage for a rock duo to “La Dee Da”.

Only 20 minutes

“We still have 20 minutes!” Grohl said at some point. By now it had become dark, which made him really happy and immediately he let switch off all the lights. He let the audience pull out the cell phones and transform the stadium into a sea of lights. With “Breakout”, “Dirty Water” and “Best of You” (that’s right, there’s another hit!), these last concert minutes arrived pretty soon after about 2.5 hours. He had been so super tired before the show, Grohl explained  and thanked for the great evening, that has woken him up again.

Without going off stage as usual and returning for the encore, the Foo Fighters set off right away for their final song. Grohl dedicated “Everlong” to his daughter Harper, who was watching her dad and the band at the edge of the stage. With her piggyback he turned another lap across the stage to farewell . So lovely!

Before the concert, I was told, “You will not find many frontmen who have so many concerts behind them and are still having so much fun on stage  as Dave Grohl”. That was really the case. There is no doubt that the Foo Fighters frontman had so much fun.

My Highlights:

  • listening to Learn to Fly live
  • when Grohl performed “My Hero” on his own
  • The joy and energy with which Grohl stood on this stage
  • the drum solo
  • Hawkins sang “Sunday Rain” + “Under Pressure”

It was a great first Foo Fighters concert and as I said, hopefully it will not stay the only one.


  1. Run
  2. All My Life
  3. Learn To Fly
  4. Pretender
  5. The Sky Is A Neighbourhood
  6. Rope (with Drumsolo)
  7. Sunday Rain
  8. My Hero
  9. These Days
  10. Walk
  11. Under My Wheels
  12. It’s So Easy / Another One Bites The Dust / Imagine / Jump / Blitzkrieg Bop
  13. Under Pressure
  14. Monky Wrench
  15. Wheels
  16. La Dee Da (feat. Alison Mosshart)
  17. Breakout
  18. Dirty Water
  19. Best Of You
  20. Everlong

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