Grill’n’Chill with Tobey Lucas

I just try to remember, how I actually got to know abut Tobey Lucas – aber somehow I don’t really know anymore. It was probably via twitter and joiz. Because I am interested in Swiss music scene, it was anyway just a matter of time until I’d hear about him.

However, I had bought his album and really wanted to hear him life – just that his dates never worked out for me. Or Baba Shrimps¬†played at Vorstadt Sounds ahead of him and I missed his performance as the location was packed and they wouldn’t let me in anymore. Luckily Kufa Lyss organised last Thursday their “Grill & Chill” evening.

It was kind of a mini garden party. If I had a garden, I could have organised something like that too ūüėČ To compare the size. Just so you can imagine. Or maybe you’ve been at Kufa before: Just in front of the entrance there were the benches and tables standing, on the grill saussages and steaks were frying. That was my dinner then. There was a mini mini stage standing, some kind of platform, on which he played two sets. Obviously without any big programme, without setlist. Tobey kept glancing on his album “83” every now and then for song ideas. He also played some covers. Just grabbing the guitare and playing. In country style, folky, bluse. With some talks to¬† the audience inbetween. It was a bit like with the scouts, where one got a guitare and you just play, he said. AND concerts with band were going to be better. Ah well, just no false modesty. I thought it was super sympathetic and cosy.¬†You get a¬†first impression of his live music this way. I liked it ūüôā

So next target: Tobey Lucas full band concert. The duo with Anna Känzig also sounds tempting. Just have a listen. You can do so on his website. Or you check out my videos.

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