Halunke EP release in Köniz

After I have recently heard the songs of new EP “Easy” at Westide Bern in advance, Halunke now officially released their Ep at Kulturhof Köniz. With them they didn’t only have the new songs and a new drummer, but even radio SRF3, who recorded the whole show. My last concert of 6 concerts this week.

I was standing during about one quarter of the concert in front of the stage, wondering where I’ve had seen the new drummer before, until it began to dawn (even before they introduced him) – with Span. With “Vor Hand is Muul” they started the concert. A full stomach of too much food or being tired cos of a exhausting week (or because of too many concerts 😉 ) wasn’t accepted, everyone had to sing along with the “nanana” – umm, or was it rather “Lalala”? However, Radio SRF3 was there on this evening recording the concert to introduce it in the new show „Punktch“  the week after. That’s why they kept experimenting during “Gar ke Zyt”  in two voices, what they wouldn’t have done otherwise… 😉

For “Schiffbruch”, what is played up and down on SRF3 and probably everyone knows by now, Büne Huber would have loved to come for the duet, if he wouldn’t have had himself a sold out concert with Patent Ocsner in Wil. So frontman Christian Häni mentioned not too seriously, that they tried to postpone the Patent Ochsner concert even with a lawyer etc. He will be there next time – umm, well, maybe. But instead they promised concert visitor Lars, that guitare player Simon was going to play him an extra nice guitare solo. Cos the boy hadn’t liked the one back then during the song recordings very much.

We had to grin and laugh loads over the stories, tellings and comments about the songs and their orgin. “Ich mache dir en Salto usem Schnidersitz” (I’ll do a somersault out of a tailorseat for you)  – the first line of “Houston we are ok” is e.g. originally from a docu, was “stolen” so. Häni liked this sentence so much, so he made a song out of it – in the end it isn’t (luckily) about the topic of the docu but a declaration of love. Instead the EP title song “Easy” mistakabley turned into a “Bisi” song. But it didn’t really matter as Baschi got his “Glace song” (it is Baschi’s song “90 Gramm Glück” by the way, as thanks to SRF3 everyone is understanding ‘Glace’ now instead of ‘Glas’ ;)). It continued with “Me Meer” and of course “Musig” couldn’t be missing. For “Nid ohni di” Halunke even had a duet partner with them. Think the duet was done out of the successfully finished Crowdfunding for the ep.

During “Boulevard”, the most difficult song of the evening, as Häni did replace the Zurich rapper himself, the band was introduced: Marco Mazzotti, who came from out of the deepest Valais, played bass. Then there was the new drummer, Matthias Nydegger, who wasn’t from the deep Emmental after all. Simon Rupp, who is the only one being there from the beginning and was brought to the e-guitare in many therapy hours. A bit more in the background was Thomas “Knuchi” Knuchel on the trumpete and flugelhorn. Just next to him Marco Widmer was standing on trombone, thanks to whom they had to subscribe one less for dinners. In the middle was the from Germany imported keyboarder Manu Halter. And of course the guy on the mixingtable, “Buzz”, couldn’t be forgotten, who they had to keep checking if he was still standing as he was vegan ;-). Yeeees, it was an incredibley entertaining evening. Of course not every thing was to be taken too seriously.

For the final they let the “Affenbande” (monkey gang) dance again with letting the audience play their openair game. Everyone was breaking out into a crazy dance out of a beginning stare and angry looks. Of course the band couldn’t leave without any encores. So in Mani Matter style we got “Värslischmied”, with “100 Millionewatt” proper party vibes again and only with “Nimm Nume” the concert definitively ended. An absolutely successful EP release with again best entertainment.

Everyone who couldn’t be there or wants to remember back, can listen the concert at SRF3 again. But who prefers to see them live, is checking the actual tourdates on www.halunkeonline.ch

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