Indiecator Special in Wetzikon

A rainy Saturday evening is just perfect to see some great concerts, even the journey there will take you a little further and through the rain. On this Saturday evening the Indicator Special took place at Kulturfabrik Wetzikon with Mihaly Flow, Rival Kings and Manolo Panic. The evening showed, that such concert trips and visits are often a lot more than “only” the bands and their music.

Kulturfabrik in Wetzikon

I’ve been in Wetzikon for a The Baseballs concert years ago (is in Canton Zurich by the way). Quickly I realized though, that it hadn’t taken place at Kulturfabrik. The location is not very big and the number of visitor wasn’t either. The partly very colorful location seemed outside of the hall a little like a ran-down youth club, but inside very private and with a familiar atmosphere. From little kids to grandpas, everyone was there. It was a cosy to sit there on the wide window ledge with a friend, drinking something and waiting for the bands listening to some background music.

On this evening it was home for local band Manolo Panic, for which they were supported by the other two bands. Well, you know me well enough by now to know that I went there for Rival Kings.

Bluesy indie-rock from Bern

The Bernese band Mihaly Flow, whose members mainly are from Valais, are a four member blues/indie-rock band. With the two Lauras in front and on bass, the band was raising the woman’s quota of the evening. I am not sure, how long the band exists, however they had their in Wetzikon recorded EP with them.

The first few songs I didn’t like too much, too bluesy, I liked the last ones the more. Therefore the front woman proofed, that she was a great singer. Maybe one should have raised the volumne though. It probably would have properly rocked then. When they, 15min later than expected, ended their set, I sensed that the very last band won’t fit into my time schedule anymore.

Enthusiasm and  and non-shared humor

Differently to the last concert in Zermatt Rival Kings didn’t play unplugged, but fully electronically again. The band seemed in a good mood, what of course showed in the concert. That they love to “pack a wallop” I know and because they rarely play concerts at the moment, possibly the more.

As energetic the songs were, as much were the jokes by front guy Etienne. But at Kulturfabrik not everyone seemed to have the same humour. And suddenly not everyone in the audience seemed very amused and to be even a little aggressive, at least verbally.

If it was after all, because in Wetzikon we were in the country side, like at the beginning everyone agreed in unison? Thereby the jokes seemed harmless. Only the hugs, they wanted to sell next to the album, seemed indeed a little expensive 😉

Suitable setlist and matching light show

On the concert there was nothing to complain. The opposite: The setlist, including mainly songs from the actual album “War”, was for their 45min performance short and striking. The song compilation, which was supported by a cool light show, was suitable.  It was especially a lot of fun to listen and watching them. Sadly I had to leave way too soon after the show.

The kids were already ready with their selfmade flags and banners for Manolo Polar. So cute! But before we, or well especially I, already had to leave again before the indie rockband’s show, we quickly met Natalie from musicfeelsbettertogether. In case you don’t know the Zurich music blog yet, make sure check it out.

Train rides are fun

My trip home included then again a very funny encounter. I was sitting in the train, was just about to put on my head phones and to seal myself off from the world, a part of a men’s group from Olten sat down in my cabin. Quickly I got into a conversation with these guys, guessing them between the ages of 40 to 65 years.

Subject was among others the youth, who’s not talking to each other anymore and not holding conversation. I of course couldn’t put on my head phones then. But so this turned once again in a very entertaining home journey.

Concerts are much more than the bands and their music

Yes, concert visits are so much more than “only” the bands and their music. They are:

Ja, Konzertbesuchte sind so viel mehr als ‚nur‘ die Bands und ihre Musik. Es sind:

  • The bands and their music
    The most important of course are the band and their music, who you like so much. Because of them and for them you are travelling anywhere at all.
  • New bands and music
    Whether you like the new bands or not, it’s (mostly) interesting and listen to and discover new ones.
  • Travelling and new places
    Even the trips in Switzerland, discovering new places and locations, is just great. You learn a lot in geography this way.
  • Friends and acquaintances
    You meet friends and acquaintances, with who you are having a good time and sharing all the experiences.
  • new acquaintances
    You meet always and everywhere new people. Often even with complete strangers interesting and funny encounters happen.

Did I forget something? Next to the concerts simply all the impressions and experiences count too. Just like on this very evening. But if you are “on tour” more often, you probably know this?

The next concert Rival Kings play on 29 July at Schmerikon Rockfest and on 5 August at Sommernachtsfestival in Schüpfheim. All other information about the band you can find on

Infos about the other bands youc can find on


there are more videos on my Youtube channel.

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