James Blunt at The Showcase

Sadly it just wasn’t enough for a Meet & Greet, but instead I got some VIP-tickets. That sure kinda felt like a stab with a dagger into the middle of the heart, but was more than happy about the e-mail of Postfinance then.

the 44th 20min The Showcase with James Blunt – and I was going to be there as a VIP!

James Blunt @ Zurich

James Blunt @ Zurich

A little longer than a year ago, on 23rd September 2013, I already was at a showcase – exactly the same place, same musician, but different organisator. Back then it was Energy Live Session, where James and his band performed. Exciting! A wonderful déjà-vu. I visit James Blunt’s concerts since 2008, I still love going a lot. My friend and I thought: VIP? That’s nice, but oh well the VIP area at Härterei Zurich wa sooo far away from stage. And I still remembered well, how James was quarreling to the VIPs, because they didn’t really join in. I sure didn’t want to be standing up there by choice. In my eyes VIP seats are usually definitively less good. I love to be in the middle of everything, with all the fans, where the good vibes were. If I don’t win meet & greets, I am totally okay with normal standing tickets. Perfect solution? Getitng our free drink and then going down to the stage. It was easy – there was still a lot of space for us. On the right side, only 2-3 rows away from stage. I always wonder, why people are standing in the middle, further into the back, if there’s still lots of space on the sides.

James is funny! I know, many might not believe this, who only know “You’re Beautiful” and never seen him live. Over the years he became more confident and became more outgoing. He’s everything but morning. Have you read about the tweets to his haters? Yes, he’s like that. With his self-deprecating and sarcastic nature he makes people laugh at his concerts, the audience at the showcase. He keeps flirting with the fans, talking to the audience. He also tried some German and French words. And even I had always seen James in good mood and super funny, he even topped it on this evening. “I always take the ukulele to the bedroom, so he looked bigger” was only one of such jokes, he gave out. He seemed a real teaser and to be quite hyper. He loved to fool around. And of course the band joined in.

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They started with a slow title – “Blue on blue”, but with each song the atmosphere became better and more jolly. I though, they would be entring stage in overalls, like they did on their moonlanding tour so far, but they came in normal jeans and shirts. During all the songs, esp. the known ones like “Wisemen” [Video here] , “Postcards”, “Goodbye My Lover” or “Stay The Night” the venue turned into a big choir.

And in the end, even it wasn’t on the setlist (yes, I had a look before the show), “You’re Beautiful”  [Video here ] of course wasn’t left out. The second last title before “Bonfire Heart” gave us creeps one more time.

Super guy, great musician and yes, maybe next time it’ll work out with a meet & greet?! 😉

Infos about James Blunt you can find on his website.

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