James Gruntz at Gurten Sessions

After about 6 months, on the occassion of the tour final of his Belvedere tour, James Gruntz let the hearts dance again on Gurten. He and his band played last night at Kulturschüür Uptown, up on the Bernese hill, at „Gurten Sessions“. A wonderful event with a fantastic band.

I believe, I’ve never been on Gurten without the whole festival area in summer. However, I can’t remember. Good there were so many people I simply could follow. Yeah, sure I would have found it on my own. But I am always a bit nervous having to look for something. But there were even some friends up there, some of them I haven’t seen in a long time. So the whole things was even double fun. Next to the concert, the train ride up to the Gurten as well as a standing dinner were included in the ticket price. A nice event with the onset of winter. Nicely in the warmth with tasty food and listening to good music. I was sure curious. Didn’t really know what to expect.

Just at the right side of the entrance there was the bar standing, and all over the room were high tables standing as well as a big buffet: Salads, sandwiches as well as rice with chicken stripes and vegetable ragout. The best was standing sidewards along the walls on own tables: the dessert. Jucy lemon cake, super tasty chocolate mousse and panna cotta as well as fruits salads. Umm, incredibley delicious. I did ignore the vermicelli though. It was almost a bit too cramped with all the visitors, but the evening started well.

At Uptown more concerts should be taking place for sure. What a pretty location with this great concert hall. There are chandeliers hanging, the roof beams remind me a bit of Schüür in Luzern (ok, it is actually called Kulturschüür), just more noble. There’s a small stage going up on stage in the front. Single light bulbs are haning down from the stage ceiling, small spotlights are standing in the back. That’s part of the stage, and not put there by the band. Really nice. Later, during the concert, the lightning engineer created a wonderful atmosphere with them.

The hall was completeley seated. And still the atmosphere during the show was really good. Maybe it was me as well, because at least I could stand during the whole concert. Because being seated at James Gruntz‘? Not by choice. I had bought the very very last ticket. The seat was in row 10. Not great actually. But there I was able to stand and had a good view, without disturbing anyone. So perfect in the end.

The concert started calmley with „Coundless Roads“. Because of the extensive jams and solos of the band quickly some people let them carry away, barley could keep themselves on the chairs. But still none would have gotten up. I will never understand this. But as mentioned, the atmosphere was surprisingly good. You could see that the audience totally enjoyed the concert and were thrilled. There were many cheers inbetween. Sure there were also some laughters caused by the band. For example, when James suddendly mentioned that he had to gather himself first as bass player Severin had started a song too early and the setlist was a bit mixed up then. Not that anyone would have noticed, if he hadn’t mentioned it. But latest, when he then suggested ahead of „Heart Keeps Dancing“ that people should better listen to themselves and do what they like, the courage seemed there and some people got up off their seats during the song after all. In the end at least some did dare to let the music carry them away completley. Some left even their seats, kept swaying and dancing to the electrifying tracks.

Esp. the encores energized again. Without them the band wouldn’t have been allowed to finish the concert anyway. Who wants to see James Gruntz live now, or see him again on his Belvedere tour, better hurries up. There are only three concerts left. All the dates and information you can find on www.jamesgruntz.com


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