Kensington at Komplex Klub Zurich

Such concert visits on a Monday got to be thought about well – esp. if they take place in Zurich. But hey, how often will we still get the chance to see Kensington in such small venues ? Maybe it will explode in the next months already. After all they are filling a 5‘500 audience location at home in the Netherlands. So  one had to go, now as they stopped in Switzerland on their „Rivals Tour“ as well. And as one of my fave bands, Undiscovered Soul, even became supporting act for them, the decision was finally made quickly – off to Zurich! Never mind Monday.

At 8 pm the concert should start. So I ran from train to bus so I’d arrive a bit earlier than at showstart. Just to read that Undiscovered Soul won’t play before 8.30pm and Kensington at 9.30 pm. And the club was still almost empty about 45mins before showstart. The queue quite long though. Undiscovered Soul entered the stage in time. The audience came closer to the stage by now. Loads of teens. The club with a capacity of around 400 people was about half full. The stage was a bit small with all the instruments of Kensington and the Souls. But during their half an hour set Undiscovered Soul heated up the audience. Among was my favourite „Ask me“, „Nothing“ and of course „Tandem“ [Video here] as well as „Run Baby Run“ [Video here]. But one could see that Undiscovered Soul weren’t known to many yet.

After a short stage change Kensington drummer Niels entered stage – topless – and the front row fainted. Haha. No, ok. That’s not true 😉 Well, it’s true that he came topless, but the front row stayed ok. He was followed by frontman Eloi, guitar player Casper and bass player Jan. Very energetic the band started the concert like at Gurtenfestival with „All Or Nothing“. A bit longer than 1 hour we got to hear mainly new songs from their actual album „Rivals“. Once they rocked during „Don’t Look Back“ or „We Are The young“, then it also became a bit quiter with „Ghosts“. „Riddle“ [Video here] was played live for the first time. The audience wasn’t asked only to clap along, but also to dance and jump. Esp. Eloi and Casper kept cheering the audience on. Bass player Jan seemed a bit nondescripted, like he wasn’t even there. Some in the back rows sang along word by word. Honestly, the sound in the front rows wasn’t best, I wasn’t surprised though. I wasn’t at Komplex Klub for the first time. But also later in the back it didn’t seem much better. The music was partly banging out of the speakers quite a lot and as I didn’t know the lyrics that well, they were difficult to understand. During Undiscovered Soul it was better. Less loud.

But well, after about an hour Kensington played the last song. Sure, without encores the band wasn’t let go. The four of them were shouted and cheered back to stage, when three more songs followed. Of course „Streets“ was one oft hem. But I was already on my way home at this time…

Great concert evening, even with the too loud sound. I like such Mondays! 🙂

[ Photos Undiscovered Soul] [Photos Kensington]

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