Kino Kino in Aarau

The way it is, when a band suddendly announces that they invent themself new and will sing in dialect instead of English. There you first think – “What? How, where, what? Why?” and “If that is going to work out?”. But sometimes such decisions are proably not wrong. Shane became Kino Kino, and I like it – if I am honest – even better.

Kino Kino I met them as metioned as Shane. I’ve seen them the first time at Argoviafäscht 2011. There I immediately liked them, esp. their earworm “Make It”. Back then they were singing in English. The band then decided that they’d be better able to express themselves in German or Swiss German – their maternal language – and to invent themselves all new. Now they are Kino Kino, in September 2014 they’ve released their same named debutalbum and after almost four mouths their live debut finally took place at Kiff.

Many found their way into the hall of Kiff Aarau. Probably many from family, acquaintances and relatives of both bands that played – but not only. I realized again how rather annoying Kiff can be. Well, its structure. There’s the steep steal stair that I don’t like at all. And if you are at the top, tickets get controlled, then you are sure getting told that the wardrobe down in the underground. And if you are almost back at the top again, you realise that the toilet is downstairs as well. Otherwise it’s ok though. The concerts were always good so far. And on this evening Seldom played as a support and Kino Kino as main act, both bands from Aargau. The first sings English, the other dialect. The first one I didn’t like that much, the more I liked the second one.

At 9.15pm Seldom finally started. The band was said to be super and singer Valon was even part of The Voice Of Switzerland . Well, I couldn’t remember his The Voice performance, but this sounded promising. I was curious. But finally I wasn’t really thrilled of the Argau band in genres funk/rock/indie. After the first few songs I though that the singer had a good voice, but it somehow sounded all very similar. Two songs I liked quite a lot, of the rest I wasn’t convinced.

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After about one hour the stage got changed for Kino Kino. I was already nervous cos of the public transport. That’s unfortunately always a problem, every minute counts. The curtain luckily finally fell after 10.30 pm  and the intro started. In cool leather jackets and sunglasses the five started rocking with “Herrscher” – Matthias Stöckli on guitare and lead vocals, Stefan Zobrist on bass, Sandro Caddedu on drums, Marcel Bär on keyboard and Silvio Latscha on guitare. Second followed my favourite songs – “Du bisch guet” – and the audience got infected by Matt’s energy to go along. Waving arms, clapping along – I was sure this concert was going to be good! Great lyrics, for several voices, that everyone quite easly could sing along, esp. because they were now dialect songs. Great melodies and they got more than only one earworm. Three disco balls were decorating the s tage, the light was dancing over it in all colours. At the wall there was the logo. Once Matt played the guitare, then he sat down behind the piano. Many intoxicating, rocky songs, but also wonderful ballades as “Immun”. It was a super varied concert. But the band wasn’t just let go at the end. There of course as an encore. For the first encore they gave away two albums to the one person, that could tell the original artist of the melody for “Eini wie di”. And no, only the title didn’t count 😉 So many did already cover “Use Somebody”, I’ve hard it thousands of time and knew immediately, that it was the melodie of the Kings Of Leon hit, but couldn’t think off the band name. Even though I’ve seen the band live only last summer – ooops ;). With “Millionär” they ended the show.

A great concert, that was incredibly fun. The concert premiere succeded! The next concert will be on Friday, 10.4.2015 in Aarburg by the way and all the other dates you can find on

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