Klangheimlich Festival at Mundwerk Thun

with Bennie & Tobias Carshey

At the weekend the Klangheimlich festival took place at Mundwerk in Thun. A music festival taking place during several days in a small location in Thun’s old town, at Mundwerk. I’ve seen there Luca Little before. Upstairs there’s a restaurant, downstairs in the cellar a bar with a small stage. With warm light and comfortable living room atmosphere it is super nice there, and totally to enjoy.

Tobias Carshey played on that evening, the reason why I went there. I’ve heard his song “Bye Bye” on the radio before. Many may know him from the band Strozzini or What Jospehine Saw. A friend was raving, he was “the best Swiss musician”, on the other side someone once told me that Tobias Carshey was a good songwriter but his concerts were boring after few songs. I was very curious.

Bennie played first. Benjamat hess is a young singer/songwriter from Bern. After she had played in three bands, she’s solo now. Few days before the Mundwerk concert I’ve listened to her great Baba Shrimps cover of “I don’t wanna hide” [Video here] and so decided to be there in time for her concert as well. She’s got many wonderful own indierock/folkrock songs, that she sings with her soft voice. No, she didn’t totally wow me though. She wasn’t bad at all, but she seemed rather insecure and this influenced the whole concert. But I’d say, with some experience this will change.

Ok, I also chipped in unintended with my part. At some point during Bennies concert my handy alarm went suddendly off. SORRY, SORRY again!!

Of course this wasn’t just done with a sorry. I of course got asked again, if my phone was off, before Tobias started his concert… 😛 Well, Tobias Stuber aka Tobias Carshey simply got up on the small stage with a guitare and started. And the concert was definitively everything else but boring. He’s a great entertainer and the with melancholy influenced pop / rock/folk songs are super nice, very energetic. Before the “Party” even started properly, we first got “The Party Is Over” – hehe, why not just starting at the end?! He thrilled the audience with many songs as “You & Me”, “Lost Love” or of course “Bye, Bye”, from the same titled soloalbum. So it was a great concert evening and I would recommend Tobias Carshey any time.

This summer Tobias is playing even twice in my area: On 11 June 2015 as a support of Rocky Votolato and on 11 July 2015 at Cholererock in Hünibach. I can’t wait for it. And I sure will turn off all the alarm clocks at the beginning 😉 For all the other dates you best visit the band pages.


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