Klischée at Bierhübeli Bern

So after Stress said at KKL Luzern before Christmas, that now you got to be a bit wild because you’ll have to be good on Chrstimas at home with the family, the concert of  Klischée on 2nd Christmas day was the perfect chance to exploit again. Already after 20mins I was rather dead beat 😉

Got to say, surrounded by all the teens, I felt rather old on this evening. I was glad, that my friend, who accompaigned me, was in my age 😉 A DJ named Nemoy was support and played his set to start. I find djs as support acts rather annoying. Aftershow maybe, yes, but not ahead… we were so glad, when he finished his set, that took way too long by the way and at some point you couldn’t tell the tracks apart anymore. I get pretty much anoyed cos of such things.

Klischéee were so much better. Ok, I was a bit disappointed then. But not because the band was bad – no, they are everything else but bad. This electro-swing is really fun, their dancing, the lightshow and visuals as well as the whole show in general are just super! Their front guy Williams Bejedi is a true entertainer and together with singer Marena he’s leading through the show super geniousely. What is special with the Bernese band is that they are standing on stage with a complete band – a 8 members band – even with brass section. And with ajusted outifits… it comes across really well.

What was very annoying was the stop and go by the audience. Some simply couldn’t stay at their place -and no, most of them didn’t come back with drinks or so. So, I don’t know what kind of problems they got… but the atmosphere was fantastic and it became really hot at Bierhübeli. Shortly before the end I had to “give up”. I was k.o. Finished watching on the side then.

But I realized that back then at 8×15 the 15mins were the few tracks, that I liked the most on this evening too. The rest of the music I didn’t like so much. So in the end not so much mine. Also had a listen to the album and got to say, I only would listen to Klischée live and not on CD. Well, they also prooved at the concert though, that they simply can play accompaigned by accoustic guitare.

So I really can recommend Klischée anytime. They are generally really super and you got to see them live. You get to see a lot and with Klischée you get the party for sure. Even if you don’t like the music that much.

The band also released a video from the Bierhübeli concert. Have a look and see how they did party:

[photos in gallery]

[Live Videos on youtube]

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