Kodaline back at Volkshaus Zurich

A Déja-vu! Well, a small one at least, esp. concerning the date and the place for sure. Kodaline were exactly on the day a year later after their last performance back at Volkshaus Zurich again. With different support act and a little changed setlist. And somehow a lot nicer than the year before. Thanks to Mainland Music I was part of it again.

Like last year [read here: Kodaline at Volkshaus Zurich] most started queuing shortly before doors opened. So the queue went far into the back around the corner though. Kodaline had already arrived from Stuttgart to Zurich the day before and spend a part of their day off in an Irish pub to watch an important game (look at Twitter ;-)).

I was there again in the afternoon, but we started queuing at the entrance only about an hour before doors opened. Not for front row though (as it was already too late for), but at least to get a more or less good spot. Opposite of the entrance, on the other side of the road, several police men suddendly arrived and got in a row. I don’t know, how you feel about this, but I wasn’t cofortable and happy about it. Security, sure, but I definitively tried to surpress a slight panic attack. Exactly a year ago there was already a demonstration, but back then the Paris attacks weren’t at the back of our heads yet. Unfortunately you can’t completely get rid of it. Such pictures stay and come back in certain situations. As soon as I got my ticket from the box office and I had my spot inside, the fear was gone again. The anticipation and excitmend was big. I am always looking forward to concert visits and the bands, but with Kodaline it’s somehow extra strong.

I was a bit worried, because last time I’ve seen Kodaline was back in December at a 23000 visitors arena in Dublin. The audiences in Switzerland and Ireland are just so totally different. A concert like there simply can’t be topped in Switzerland. And Kodaline played such a great setlist back then, with so many guests and the very last one sang along each word. But the concert at Volkshaus was also really nice then. And the atmosphere seemed somehow better than last year.

Support Act were the same as at the Dublin concert, the indie pop/rock duo All Tvvins from Ireland, who’s touring with a third man on the drums. Already in Dubln I was all fascinated by watching their guitare player, but the music of the band wasn’t so much mine. I would have prefered last years support acts.

Kodaline eventually started like a year ago with “Ready”, what keeps bringing energy into the locations each time. Everyone is ready then to finally see Kodaline again. David, whom I’ve seen in Dublin for the first time, is now on tour with them on keys and guitare. It’s his longest tour so far. Except of a few titles it was the same setlist as in Dublin and a similar one to last year. When front guy Steve mentioned by the third song, that he was happy to be back in Zurich and they loved Switzerland, he of course got loads of cheering and applause. Well, we believe him ,as Kodaline have been here several times over the last months. The fanbase here keeps growing. He asked the audience to sing along to “One Day” as loudly as possible and if we wouldn’t know the lyrics, then still keep cheering and screaming. You could see that he felt better compared to last year, even you could hear that he had difficulties with his voice that evening.

The whole atmosphere was somehow different to last years. Less screaming, people sang along more. Just beautiful. Everyone seems to know the lyrics better now. Steve kept letting people singing along and during “The One”, when he was standing on stage all along with guitare, he asked the audience, because it was a romantic song, to turn the hall into a sea of lights. Oh yes, Kodaline makes hearts beat faster. The folky popsongs with the irish touch, the wonderful melodies and lyrics – they touch, it’s still so much fun. Of course songs like “Coming Alive” or “Honest” weren’t left out either.

Whilest at the end of the song one by one left the stage, the audience keep singing on and on and on and on. And even when the band was back again to get ready for the first encore, the audience chanting would hardley come to an end. With “Everything Works Out In The End”, whatfor Vinny was even standing at the edge of the stage at the beginning, and a medley out of “Big Bad World”, “Talk” and “Perfet World” they came slowely to the end after all. And of course the concert ended with “All I Want”. The audience started to sing the first lines even before Steve could start them.

I probably would have become super sad and melancholic, if there wouldn’t have been the prospect of another concert on the day after ;-). After all Kodaline were going to play two more concerts here in Switzerland – Solothurn and Lausanne. Monday couldn’t pass quickly enough.

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