Kodaline in Solothurn

This was definitively the best Monday in a long time. After we’ve seen Kodaline at Volkshaus Zurich the day before, we were looking forward on this special day (29th February) to a sold out concert at Kofmehl Solothurn.

Because of the heavy traffic and the snow I arrived in Solothurn almost half an hour later than planned. But as it showed, only ha handfull of people were queuing half an hour before doors opened. It was really easy to get front row. And in Solothurn you are very close then. And with many friends surrounded, it promised to became a great evening.

Kofmehl was only slowely filling shortly before the concert started at 8 pm. The sound oft he support act, All Tvvins, was a lot better than the day before at Volkshaus. The guitare player as crazy as always, but there was about no vibes during their set in Solothurn. But even I had liked songs as „Darkest Ocean“, „Thank You“ or the actual single „Unbelievable“ pretty well while listening on spotify, also on this evening I didn’t really get into it.

Shortly after 9pm Kodaline started again with „Ready“ and finally the atmosphere became better. The whole concert was generally more quite than at Volkshaus though. People were clapping, cheering and singing along as well, but rather reserved. Well, of course the Kofmehl is also smaller than Volkshaus. But it can be different here as well. The selist was the same like in Zurich with „One Day“, „High Hopes“, „Brand New Day“ etc. Already during the first songs you could hear that Steve’s voice was even more hoarsely than the day before. But didn’t let on much about it, only shortly mentioned that he got a bit of a cold. He kept joking before « The One », when he was standing there with his guitare alone on stage, that the band had abandoned him. The audience wasn’t as motivated as in Zurich to swing lights, but it gave us many shivers on this evening.

Also at Kofmehl the audience kept singing at the end of „Love will set you free“ until the band was back on stage for the encore again. Jay, in company of his camera, did even record it for the Kodaline vlogs. But there was the disillusion: The concert got quite shortened. „Everything works out in the end“ and the short medley were left out and the concert directly finished with „All I Want“. Why so, we don’t really know. They sure had their reasons. We guessed it was cos of Steve’s voice. You are always a little disappointed if Setlists get shortened. Ando f course I was super glad having been already in Zurich and been able to listen to the songs there.

But they were two great evenings. Did I mention, that I LOVE Kodaline? Ha, and the next concert will follow for sure. The next day there would have been a third show in Lausanne, but I couldn’t be there. But at the end oft he month a show in London, at the Roundhouse, where I wished to see a show in a long time, will follow. AND Kodaline will be already back in Switzerland this summer: They’ll play with James Morrison and Hecht at „Stars in Town“. You can’t even imagine my anticipation 😀

Link Kodaline Vlog Solothurn

All Tvvins

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