KUNZ at Mühle Hunziken Rubigen

Déjà vu at Mühle Hunziken: Exactly one year after the last concert in the legendary Bernese concert location Kunz fired up the audience exactly at the same place again [ read last year’s review]. This time they played at a sold out location and presented their 3rd album “No Hunger” (still hungry).

“Are you ‘still hungry’?” the audience was asked during band announcement and shouted together “No”. So the majority just didn’t get the hint at Kunz 3rd album. hihi. My own stomach was also well filled though. Did I have a delicious ‘bread cup’ just before the concert. Next to the concerts always my personal highlight at Mühle Hunziken.

Today the night definitively belonged to Kunz. The in the meantime six member band entered stage and started with “Üs ghört d’Nacht” from the new album. That actually Chris was back in the band again and Patrick only temporary at the dulcimer tonight, I only realised a lot later. He’s been part of also last year and not Chris. So this band constellation seemed all normal to me. But new on this tour is Benj on the violin bringing even more folk and this Irish touch with him.

Kunz immediately created a good atmosphere in the three floor location that grew from song to song. Just don’t spit down, he grinningly asked the audience at the very top. With 11 out of 12 songs from the new album the concert was clearly arranged around the new album “No Hunger”. Well, you might expect that, but it’s not always the case with everyone. “Gang ned mit de Töfflibuebe”, “Marie” or “Aber äbä” – with their down to earth, charming manners and the energetic, electrifying show, they had the audience on their side very soon again. The jokes and comments inbetween by front guy Marco or by one of the other band members made everyone laugh. Also everyone happily took part into games like going down into the knees and jumping up or “freezing” the movements.

Inbetween it became a little more quite with “Worzle” from the last album or the new “Famili”. For the latter one the band even came down into the audience to sing only accompanied by a guitar and the violin a wonderful harmonising, acoustic version of the song in several voices. But these quite moments stayed rather rare. It was mainly a jolly and cheerful fest. Even the break in between half of the concert couldn’t harm the good vibes.

But sure the “request programme”, they continued with, did help there too. Kunz had called out to make banners with requested songs and bring them to the concerts. Just like me the majority obviously hadn’t heard about that. The few requests were great though. So Kunz played very old songs like “dr Bescht” or “Juliette” from Marco’s EP because of it, that even half of the band didn’t really know. Long-term fans like me sure were especially happy about.

In between Marco did some advertising for a few of the merchandise articles, that were ready on the first floor to be bought and taken home. He didn’t like to target them, but as people loved to get some souvenirs, they had to know that there were any at all. Next to Kunz braces and of course the albums, there was a handmade, to 50 pieces limited, greeting cards set available.

Whilst everyone was singing along loudly again during “Lüüt so wie mer”, it became wild with “Räubertochter”. It’s when Kunz took the filming guy fr0m the audience on stage, so he could catch the wild audience. Matching the evening the last song of the set was “Settig Momänte”. Such a great concert, such great moments, preferably should never end. But of course there was an encore. A detailed three songs encore consisting of “Schwedinne”, “Vierwaldstättersee” and with “Schlaf nome ii” a little quieter at the end.

A great concert that I especially also liked because of the song choice. I’d say, even better than last year’s concert at Mühle Hunziken. Except of that the new songs sound live even better than on CD. So make sure to visit a Kunz show and don’t forget the request banners!

The concert dates you can find on  www.kunzmusik.ch


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