Kunz concert in Langnau

„That’s not a song request concert!“ front guy Marco replied grinningly to the shouts from the audience. But who’s been to any Kunz concert recently, knows it’s not exactly true. Slowly the mainly sold out spring tour of Kunz is already coming to an end and so I was off again to see another concert of the Luzern band.

Unexpected support act

Who had read the description on the ticket page more exactly or seen it on their facebook page, knew that the Bernese Oberland duo Fäbs was support of the evening. I didn’t expect any support though.

Fabienne and Sven could open the evening for Kunz. I had seen them about 4 years ago as a support of Zibbz. I wasn’t too impressed back then. With a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” they knew though, how to come for the audience and kept encouraging singing along. Especially the younger audience knew the lyrics very well. But with the Dolly Parton Cover “Jolene” there was also something for the older generation.

Accompanied by Sven on the guitar, especially singer Fabienne impressed with her great voice. They sure made a progress the last years. They played several wonderful songs in the style of folk/country. Some were a bit more rocky and bluesy than others. As they’ve recently been to the studio to record a song, we’ll sure hear more of them next to the live performances.

Before the duo finished their short set with the Imagine Dragons cover “Radioactive”, they wanted to take a photo of the audience. “In the one-horse town I’m living in, none was going to believe that we have played in front of so many people otherwise”, Fabienne told excited and didn’t just score some burst of laughter, but additionally some brownie points.

Great atmosphere from the very first tune on

„Are you still hungry?“ the audience was asked during band introduction. I’d like to know if this hint was made at every concert. Haha. After a short changing break Kunz was welcomed at Kupferschmiede in Langnau with lots of anticipation and cheering. Like at Mühle Hunziken they started the evening with “Üs ghört dNacht” from the actual album “No Hunger”.

But still the concert wasn’t the same like at Mühle. From the first tune there were great, super pleasant vibes. The audience was somehow immediately present. They let themselves electrify by the folky tunes, stomping drums and catchy melodies. It felt somehow very homey in Langnau. Kunz really fitted into this location well, into this place.

The Emmenthal audience knew the lyrics very well and how they could sing. Ok, loads of them turned out to be from Entlebuch. Some in the audience had been already in Zug the day before. So several ones from outside of the Emmenthal had come.

Song request concert

The young women next to me seemed to be very happy about “Töflibuebe”. During the good humoured “Marie” the whole location sang along in a choir and Benj’s violin solo was cheered on. To everyone who was bad at sports back at primary school, Marco dedicated “Aber äbä” and probably everyone knew the lyrics of “Chlini Händ”.

Finally Marco mentioned the requested songs. “The idea he stole from Bruce Springsteen?” someone said to me recently. That was sure my first thought as well back then, but honestly I don’t know where they got the idea from. I only got to know about it at the concert at Mühle. But Bruce Springsteen is sure known for the song requests.

However, obviously the news about the „song request“ at Kunz’ got around since and there appeared banners over the heads of the audience to the very back. Various handicrafts and of course the most impressive was the light frame with the request of “Sommerchind” – my banner with the same requested song couldn’t keep up of course 😉 I sure was happy that my favourite Kunz song was played this way. The whole concert at Kupferschmiede felt as easy and light as this title.

As a song request „Perfekt“ followed a little later. Spontaneously the first line didn’t work so perfectly, they still played the song though. The fans, who have been in Zug the day before, have been insisting then, that they played “1999”. Kunz hadn’t played it the night before. So, it didn’t matter who had the idea of the song requests, or where they copied it from or not, it’s loads of fun and brings a change into the concert.

Such moments should never end

Differently to the Mühle they didn’t play „Famili“ in the middle of the audience. During “Lüüt so wie mer” the audience choir was as loud as though. With oriental sounds, a little twisting and hip shaking, also in Langnau it became quite wild during “Räubertochter”. It became really hot inside the location.
Yes, such moments should never end.

But since about 3 years Kunz are touring with their mundart folk. New experiences and moments keep following with the band. With a detailed encore, as longingly requested by the audience with Vierwaldstättersee among it, also this concert ended.

Thanks for these moments Kunz!

Will you be going to one of the last club shows? No worry if not. From July on Kunz will be on festival tour. You can find all the concert dates on www.kunzmusik.ch

Infos about Fäbs you can find on www.facebook.com/faebsmusic

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