Lo & Leduc for “Ingwer und ewig” in Bern

The lights finally went off after about a 20min delay. It was the first tour concert and album release, so we were indulgently for sure. But also the ones behind me started calculating, whether there would really be enough time to catch the train. The intro started. The moment until the curtain fell and the band entered the stage, seemed endlessly. After the energetic, still a little rugged, but super fun main rehearsal [read about it here], on this Thursday night Lo & Leduc could finally celebrate their newest work “Ingwer und ewig” at the TRIBLE sold out Bierhübeli Bern.

The “Karussell” kept turning. And the audience hasn’t had to be asked twice and was turning with them. The faces were beaming to the back. Many sang along loudly from the very first word on. Impressive, esp. the bigger group standing about behind us. How could they remember all the new lyrics within 3 weeks? Me, who’s usually struggling with this, I was definitively impressed. Differently to the surprise gig in Hasliberg, the Bernese duo with their band had lots of space this evening. In their colorful, coordinated shirts they started sweating quickly. Afterwards it might not seem to be the most eligible stage outfit? Lo was questioning them a little, but they were looking chic.

Quickly it was clear, as announced the band had practiced even more in the band room. The lyrics were set (ok, who would have noticed the slips as eloquent and fast the two of them give out the lyrics? Except of the group behind us, barely anyone. hehe). The setlist stayed the same as the weekend before. Nothing had changed. Next to all the new titles as the actual single “Mis Huus dis Huus”, “Mond” or “Vampir” even at the album release show the older hits couldn’t be left out. “Jung verdammt” or “Bini bi dir” were cheered on. Especially the longterm fans were happy about the old “Update” songs. The whole show flow was smoother and steadier. Obviously they also thought about the bridges and song intros. Still everything seemed very spontaneously and only little rehearsed.

The band members came a lot more into their own at today’s release party than at Hotel Wetterhorn. Well, the bass player attracted attention a little unintended, when suddenly his instrument did strike. He luckily could solve the problem after some tinkering. Otherwise everything seemed to work out smooth and the band was shining with their solos. Also here Lo made the audience go wild with his freestyle. Of course also this time rhymed with spontaneously chosen words by the audience. How Lo can always can make up rhymes with – incredible. I’m impressed each time.

The highlight was of course the album launch. Traditionally the album really was baptised – Lo & Leduc came to the front with a tea pot and poured – I guess it was ginger tea – over it, to finally throw the launched piece into the audience to a new owner.

The atmosphere was good during the whole concert, but more cautious and quieter than expected. There were moments, in which people came out of themselves and celebrated the band properly. Compared to the main rehearsal the vibes in Hasliberg have been somehow better though and it was more restrained at Bierhübeli. I wasn’t too surprised then though. In bigger locations that can often happen. In small locations the audience is often inciting a lot quicker. Especially if the majority doesn’t know the new songs that well yet.

So the band and show at this concert was sure better at Bierhübeli. It was smoother and the band topped it. In the audience there was a better atmosphere at Hasliberg though. But it was for sure a great album release show and sure a successful tour start.

It sure would have been interesting to see the other Bierhübeli shows or the other concerts to compare. Anyone of you been there and got the comparison? How did you like it?

Summer with Lo & Leduc will sure be great again. All the tour dates you can find at www.lo-leduc.ch

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