Trauffer at Alpenrock Dietikon

Act: Trauffer
Date: 31.01.2014
Event: “Alpentainer”-Plattentaufe
Place: Alpenrock Dietikon
Time: 22.30 Uhr
Doors: 18 Uhr

I haven’t been awake and out of bed this quickly the whole week like on this morning. Next to others, I downloaded Trauffer’s new album “Alpentainer” from itunes and had a listen. It was immediately clear that the first, same named title on the album would be showstart in the next months – and so it was at the same evening during the cd release party and tour start at Alpenrock Dietikon.

The Alpenrock in Dietikon with restaurant, bar and club/concert area all in alps style. There wasn’t a better fitting location to the theme of the new Trauffer album. I arrived a bit early, but after 10 pm the room got filled and with SRF “Glanz- and Gloria” and several photographers there the “Trauffer show” started with the usual energy. Acompained by mooing and cowbell tinkling the band, singer Moni in a red Dirndl, followed by Marc in red trousers and black “alps tailcoat” they entered the stage and started with “Alpentainer” as expected… “Ah ah yeah, das isch d’Trauffer Show, mir bringe d’Füdle zum Tanze und d’Meitschi zum Bounce…”. The audience was a bit reserved at the beginning, but with every additional song, the atmosphere got better. The Setlist included with “Nid miin Typ”, “Dä Momänt”, “Zumba”, “Westschwiiz” or “Uf jede Fall” a great mix of older and new songs. Soon it was asked full-throated for “Brienzer Buurli”, but the “thingummybob” would come later in the backstage, Marc grinned cheeckily and got with similar jokes the laughters through the whole programm. And over the year obvioulsy “zjung für mi” became a favourite of the audience. There Adamo and Frank were dancing Limbo, they jumped and danced over the stage, Marc played the drums and of course the duet with him and Moni couldn’t be missed. Towards the end the management surprised the band each with a vinyl of “Alpentainer” and the CD should get baptised. But Marc prefered showering the audience with the champagne than the little round slice. For the final there they also played the actual single “Brienzer Burli” after all.

When I was listening to the album that morning, I was a bit sceptical because the album sounds quite a lot more direction Schlager/folk music than the last two. But on stage Trauffer gave everything again and the songs came across very well and are great entertainer, include great melodies and again very imaginative, funny and very beaufiful lyrics. The concert rocked. And if you visit Trauffer shows, you can ALWAYs relay on something – you get a great, entertaining show by a very likable band. For the tour they came up with quite something again. There you just can’t get enough of.

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