Luca Hänni in Thun

This weekend in Thun the big army event “Thun meets Army” takes place. Actually I’m not so interested in this and I wanted to stay at home for once. But then I couldn’t leave it, grabbed my Nikon and went to Rathausplatz, where the army band (even with an explanation I still don’t really get why the armee needs a band, but however) played a concert with Luca Hänni.

Recently got some tipps by a known photographer and wanted to try them out. So this concert came just right. Thought back then the concert on Bundesplatz Bern wasn’t as bad as expected  and this time even better. But esp. he has a cool band – with Slädu (Gölä, DJ Bobo) as a guitare player. The screaming girls were practically non-existent by the way – at least in Thun. He’s touring with his actual album for a year now – the 4th one he mentioned, I think and there are sure some earworms among these pop songs. The songs with the army band did sound really good. They play another concert on Saturday by the way (Rathausplatz, 7.30 pm).

I think, the photos are  not bad. What do you think?



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