Luca Litte at Compass Bar Bern

Four months after his last visit at Bugunder Bar Luca Little already came back to Bern again. Accompaigned by Thomas at the keys he played a small concert at Compass Bar.

Compass Bar is a nice, small bar at Rathausgasse in Bern, in the old town part, not far from Zytglogge. The bar is specialist in cocktails, but yes, I am not into them. More intresting was the concert of Luca Little. In the underground there’s a small room with bar and a stage for about 60 people. On the occasion of his “Lion” tour they also played there in this small location. Well, I can’t really imagine where you’d put 60 people in there, but this many (unfortunately) didn’t come anyway on this evening…

Before the concert started we sat outside in front of the door and enjoyed the great spring evening. I don’t know, if it was the weather so people didn’t want to be inside, or if really barley anyone knew that Luca played there that evening. It was really only a couuple of people in this celar. When musician sure wished there was some bigger audience, as a fan you are still pretty happy about it. More or less a privat concert. And when you get a personal thank you  in front of everyone,  you feel pretty embarrassed in front of the other people, but then again try to hide your emotion. The setlist was pretty well known to us. Songs as “Hello” or “Autumn in May” sure couldn’t be missed. Inbetween there was among others even the “FourFiveSeconds” Cover, that he shortly before had uploaded on youtube.

It was a super nice evening with Luca and Thomas. And we of course are happy if they keep coming back to Bern.



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