Luca Little & Zibbz on tour

When Luca Little & Zibbz go on double concert tour, we simply go with them! hehe. Well, at least as often as possible. And to be part of an (almost) whole tour, is super fun, but pretty exhausing.

From 30th April to 8th May Luca Little & Zibbz went together on tour. And I went to see after all three out of four double concerts. Their tourstart Zibbz already have celebrated at Nordportal (review on – German only), but only now Luca Little trio was with them. Such a tour is super fun, but as you can imagine, it’s also damn exhausing. Yes, especially if you have to sit at the office again by 7.30 am the next morning. And yes, I did so… but to travel from place to place, from location to location, to meet all kind of different people, to go back home with all the impressions and experiences – it makes you forget the “strains” quickly. The combination with the opposites of both bands I liked a lot – on the one side Luca Little with rather quite songs, a quite concert, and on the other side Zibbz with full of energy, creativity and simply a motley show.

The concerts I visited took place at Chollerhalle in Zug, at Exil in Zurich and at Kufa in Lyss. Generally the locations have a capacity of up to 200 people, except of Chollerhalle, that is bigger. The locations were not sold out, but well to very well visited. I was at Chollerhalle for the first time, the first time at all in Zug for a concert. Isn’t just around the corner of course and so it never happened before. I like the location. In front of the door there’s a display panel, where events are rotating on, also the one of that evening. There’s a big entrance with bar and bistrot tables, the stage is in the other room. It was such disgusting weather that Saturday and we arrived there only about more or less dry there. Good music, friends… best for such days. The audience in Zug was probably the most quite one, the one in Exil Zurich the loudes and best, or the atmosphere the best. At Kufa it was kinda something inbetween. The Exil always seemes to me like a cave – low ceiling, dark, with a bar… rather narrow. I think Kufa in Lyss – the club in this case – I like best of the three locations. You always kind of have a living room feeling. Maybe it’s also the least far away. But I’ve also seen many nice concerts there.

ZibbzLittle TourLuca Little started to tour as a trio with this tour. He started his concerts with background singer Fernanda and Thomas on the keys. Except in cZug, where I wa a bit confused as I remembered Fernanda differently from TV and Facebook. But in Zug there was a different singer. The setlist stayed the same the whole tour. It began with “Hello”  [Video here] from the actual album “Lion”. They presented many other actual songs during the concert, but of course also from the first two albums. Once it sounded a bit african during “Hurts The Most” [Video here], then they even played the song of Rihanna, Kayne West and Paul McCartney –  “FourFiveSeconds” [Video here]. A lovely stlist. With the few instruments it sure sounded quieter and more reduced. And because it got often totally quite in the audience, everyone was closely listening, Luca got down from stage into the audience only with his accoustic guitare and sang without microfon and amp. Great goosebumps moments! With “Autumn in May” [video here].

After a short changing break it kept becoming very colorful with Zibbz. Confetti bombs, lights, balloons, sparklers, sometimes even UV colours, that the fans had taken with them, gave the concerts some “special effects”. Some probably thought it was too much, but we had incredible fun. The siblings were only as a duo on tour this year, differently than used without Jonas on guitare and Severin on bass. They introduced many new songs, we hope will turn into a 2nd album soon of course. “World keeps turning”, “Fix Me”, Coco’s “All I know” [video here], when she even played a little guitare herself, or “Bang Bang” were some of them. Execpt of that they played with help of iphone apps a super great cover of Muse’s “Madness”. One of the songs they had covered for their “OneTakeMoney” series.

I originally didn’t mean to go to Zurich. In the middle of the week it’s rather unpractical, the last train is already going at 11pm and I’d have to take a taxi or my bike as well, because I won’t get home otherwise. But then I got a little hint, that I probably wouldn’t want to miss this, so I went anyway. On this evening Bastian Baker appeared on stage at the end of the concert as a special guest. They had written a song toghether in LA – “Everything We Do” [Vidoe here] – and it was premiere for it on this evneing. I indeed couldn’t misst this! Since we’ve seen Zibbz and Bastian Baker both in 2012 at BBC Open in Gossau, we wished a duet! And the song turned out really great. Ok, 2 weeks later I honestly was a bit disappointed when the song got released. It didn’t get released as the duet version but only as a Bastian Baker song. So, not exactly what at least I wished for. The same evening Jonas also stood on stage with the both of them for “Fairytale”[Video here]. Stee gave him the guitare and said, he was simply better with it 😉

I stayed at my friend’s for the night and after only few hours of sleep I took the first train in the morning for work. I sure needed loads of coffee that day. Esp. as we also went – a bit hyped up and overtired – to Kufa in Lyss. Is at least a bit nearer from me. There we got two more great concerts of both bands. For Luca’s “Autumn in May” Stee (Zibbz) even supported him on the drums. The evening was as colorful as the others.

Yes, you see, there were the same setlist, but still the concerts were very differend and individual in the end. On one hand with special guests and songversions, on the other hand with fan activities and different reactions from the audience. It for sure never got boring. And so at the end of the tour the next concert can’t come soon enough…

Have you been to several concerts of a tour before? Of what bands?



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