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Today were incredibly great news, I am just very happy about: Marco Kunz signes a contract with Universal Music Switzerland! There’s something big ahead 😀

Marco Kunz live You don’t know Marco Kunz? You should immediately change this then. Marco I’ve seen for the first time on 2 July 2012 at Städtlifest in Sursee. A few days ahead a friend told me about him. She had sent me numberous links for videos though, but I didn’t really get to listen to them and so I simply went there to be surprised. I had no idea what to expect. But I was thrilled from the first moment on.

The concert with the rock dialect songs was totally refreshing and was good fun from the very first tune. Esp. I fell in love with the song “Laura Rossi” immediately. With his old band and esp. through his solo performances I got to know him. Grown up with music in Mauensee, near Luzern, he was later many years part of the acappella group A-Life and nowadays leader of his own acappella choir b-live. 2012 Marco released the first EP “Chopf, Härz, Hand” with 6 songs, that he produeced with Phli Merk (composer and guitare player of Baschi). In the same year he won the small “Prix Walo”. Since he’s working with his new band on more dialect pop/rock songs with the target to release an own album soon. And now the great news – the contract is signed! I already see myself with the long awaited album in my hands 😀

me_CDKunz Marco Kunz & ich

Marco isn’t just an absolutely talented songwriter and musician but the as “Ryan Gosling double” called 28 years old is an incredible likable, cheerful and sincere human. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open, dear people. And in case you haven’t seen him and his band live yet, then check the dates on Possibly I’ll meet you somewhere.


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