Mark Forster at Exil Zurich

I left Mark Forster ‘s concert early after about 1 hour. I didn’t want to listen to it any longer and almost regret, that I went there at all. But somehow I didn’t see this comingat all. Wow, this disappointed and sad cos of a concert I haven’t been in ages, or even never yet.

I was so looking forward to it. I have seen Mark Forster back in 2012 at Luzernfest on the Schweizerhof stage for the first time. No one knew him. Wonderful meldoies and event more wonderful lyrics. Simply great pop music. I was so thrilled, the same with the concert later at Papiersaal. His album “Karton” with the wonderful ballades and real grat popmusic I always love to listen to. The 2nd album “Bauch und Kopf”, that was released last year, I’ve only listended 2-3 times via spotify. The album I’d buy directly at the concert and maybe even I got the posibility to let it sign. Cos of “Au Revoir” with Sido meanwhile also the bigger masses knew him. Not my favourite song, but ok. I didn’t get into this 2nd album immediately, like with the first one, but I was full of anticipation for the concert at Exil Zurich. I was convinced it will be good. Well, bad awaking…

I arrived 15-20mins ahead of concert start, but easily got into the front. Couldn’t be any better. A friend of me was also in the ront, and I met two other fans. Daniel Nitt, Marks keyboard player,  was support act. Well, the songs weren’t too bad. He sat at the keyboard, got a good voice, the songs were nice – just well, somehow to electronical.  [Videos: Daniel Nitt in Zürich] Then he started talking about some DJ, who sent him a track, and he did the vocals for it. My hair stood on end. After a few songs I stood there with mixed feelings. When I explained the other three, what I thought, the one said: “But mark Forster sounds very similar…”. I did frown and thought ‘what? Nooo, Mark Forster doesn’t sound like this at all!’ Oh oh, I missed out on something over the last months (years?).

With the first song I gulped already, ok, this one I didn’t like so much, but maybe it’s just the new songs. Generally you can’t always like every song. I first simply was thrilled to see Mark Forster live again. But this changed slowly from song to song. The speakers were droning, everything was very bassy. And then there came the first song, that I knew well, one from the old CD. With each additional track I got sadder and more disappointed. This weren’t just the new songs, his whole music, the whole sound was somewhat totally different. Totally bassy, so much more electronical than during the concerts 3 years ago. I didn’t expect this and don’t like the songs this way. And when I started to play around with the synthies, and… it all sounded like bad DJ remixes of his wonderful songs. Barley anything I liked. I took my coat and went into the back. Something to drink first, having a listen at the back. Maybe the sound was better there. Listening with a bit of a distance, to calm down a bit. But I was standing in the back, and wasn’t happy at all. It just didn’t help. And everytime an older song came up, I could have cried. And before I really started crying, I left. Shortly after 10 pm I left the location and took the next train home.

I’ve been listening to the old album, watched old videos, and new ones… It just wasn’t possible? The electrosound, the synthies, the strobo lights… it definitively sounded differently back then. A lot nicer, real pop music, with many wonderful ballades. Sure, every musician wants to make progress, is changing. But also if I am not generally against synthies and electronic music… obviously the new style of Mark Forster isn’t for me though 🙁

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